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Least fav character

Yes Teresa was annoying; but I couldn't stand Gally! He's such a grudge! Has nothing ever nice to say, always pushing people around, trying to be right and top stuff. He got annoying to me, the grudge! He'd deserve to be taken away by a Griever! He (SPOILER) killed Chuck! Chuck didn't deserve to die! Chuck was so cute, like puppy cute, loyal, and nice!

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Thomas and Teresa... they are super annoying

it has to be Brenda, Teresa didn't annoy me in the slightest compared to Brenda

Definitely Teresa.

I agree. Her character in general was extremely annoying.

Brian Tran Seems like no one here likes Teresa haha. Me neither though, I didn't really appreciate her presence in the story. Maybe her character makes the story ...more
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That's what I wsa thinking. I just finished The Scorch Trials and in that she really really annoys me, (Spoiler) I know some times she said she has to to save Thomas' life, but it still annoys me.

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Fricken Rat Man? Hello???

Teresa!! she defiantly is my least favorite character. She is even worse that Gally she annoys me so bad to the point of making me feel like throwing the book whenever she speaks with Thomas telepathically.>:o

Ben. He tried to kill Thomas and Thomas is one of my fav characters.

I have only just finished the first book which i really enjoyed.

But I really wasnt a fan of either Thomas or Teresa.

Thomas seemed too one dimensional, too many of his decisions depended on it feeling like the "right" thing, and he was the typical protagonist with "special" abilities.
Teresa tried too hard to be a "strong" female character, and it made her kind of boring and anoying. I normally like strong female characters, but i felt like she was saying she was one, instead of really showing it in her actions. Of course she was beautiful (arent they always?), and even though it was very cliche, it didnt bother me as much as her personality. She just seemed kind of fake and her dialog seemed forced a lot of the time. She was also very one dimensional

But thats just my opinion, and i still loved the book.


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