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message 1: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vceden) | 29 comments Mod
The most important decision in a book club is of course what books to read! The obvious decision was to start with Anne of Green Gables, but then what? So the question is what books would you like to read? What books were important to you as a child? Please discuss and we will vote on the next book before February 2nd!

message 2: by Eddie (new)

Eddie (eddiefu) | 3 comments I would love to read Catcher in the Rye. It was one of my favorites growing up, and I think it fits the JV Club really well.

message 3: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vceden) | 29 comments Mod
That would be good. Pretty heavy for a second book, though! I don't want to scare anyone away.

message 4: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Moran | 3 comments The Perks of being a Wallflower!

message 5: by Eddie (new)

Eddie (eddiefu) | 3 comments Ohhh, Perks would be great, too! Especially with the movie having been recently released.

message 6: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Moran | 3 comments The Perks of Being a Wallflower has to be one of my favourite books ever

message 7: by David (new)

David S. | 1 comments I've always felt that The Virgin Suicides (by Jeffrey Eugenides) is the ultimate book about adolescence. Too dark?

message 8: by Katie (new)

Katie (katiecanavan) | 1 comments I'd love to re-read a Wrinkle in Time! That one was huge for me growing up, but I haven't looked at it in years.

message 9: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 27 comments Mod
OH! Wrinkle in time! That is a good idea! And it was mentioned on a podcast recently so good timing!

message 10: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vceden) | 29 comments Mod
We will definitely be reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower and A Wrinkle in Time. How does everybody feel about Lois Lowry? The Giver, Number the Stars?

I've never read The Virgin Suicides. Seconds?

message 11: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 27 comments Mod
I give a vote for The Giver. Never read it and people say i should!

message 12: by Susan (new)

Susan Lorenz | 3 comments I'll vote for anything..favorite classics and exciting new reads. I'll vote for The Giver as well, my younger son is reading it in school right now. The Wrinkle in Time series has always stayed with me since childhood, as well as the Narnia books. When I was younger, I loved any book that took me to a different time or to a fantasy world. Now, when I read young adult fiction, I lean to the post-apocalyptic stories.... Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker, The Life As We Knew It series by Susan Beth Pfeffer and the Ashfall trilogy by Mike Mullin are some of my recent favorite young adult reads.

message 13: by Susan (new)

Susan Lorenz | 3 comments good gravy....I forgot to mention another of my all-time favorites...The Little House series. Last year, I read a memoir called "My Wilder Life" by Wendy McClure. The author journeys to all of the locations in the books as well as tries her hand at things like churning butter and making maple sugar snow candy. It's an interesting read and I can't wait to visit all the various homesteads and museums someday myself!

message 14: by Nani (new)

Nani Daniels | 1 comments Hello! My name is Nani :) I joined the JV Book Club group recently im about to get started reading "The Great Gatsby". and I'm really excited about it. May I suggest that we may read "A raisin in the sun" (its one of my favorites!)

message 15: by Megan (new)

Megan (mythosidhe) | 5 comments I've been pondering hard over this question! Since I read prodigiously as an adolescent (including many books that probably wouldn't have been deemed 'age appropriate' had anyone been checking) it's been difficult to come up with a succinct list. I've tried to limit myself to books that more or less fall into the traditional YA category, focusing mainly (though not exclusively) on novels with a strong female protagonist, since that seems most in keeping with the JV Club vibe :)

Natalie Babbitt - Tuck Everlasting
Peter S. Beagle - The Last Unicorn
Harry Behn - The Faraway Lurs
Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre
Frances Hodgeson Burnett - The Secret Garden
Pamela Dean - The Secret Country Trilogy
Madeline L'Engle - A Wrinkle In Time
Ursula LeGuin - A Wizard of Earthsea
Robin McKinley - Beauty; Deerskin; The Hero and the Crown
L.M. Montgomery - The Blue Castle (I think her best novel outside of the 'Anne' series)
Elizabeth Speare - The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Edith Wharton - Summer (NOT YA, but had a very profound impact on me at that age)
Laura Ingalls Wilder - Something from the 'Little House' series

message 16: by Yesha (new)

Yesha (cosmech) | 1 comments Next to the Harry Potter series, A Wrinkle in Time was one of my favorite books from my childhood. I haven't read it in a while and I would love to read it here. Another book suggestion is The Outsiders and other S.E Hinton books.

message 17: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 1 comments Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat series! It was my absolute favorite as a young teen.
Maybe we should do the Judy Blume books as well...

message 18: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vceden) | 29 comments Mod
These are all great suggestions, guys! Books were brought up on today's podcast so I've written a few more down in my running list. Keep an eye out for a poll to choose our next book!

message 19: by Tamara (new)

Tamara Hattis (goodreadscomtamara_hattis) | 8 comments David wrote: "I've always felt that The Virgin Suicides (by Jeffrey Eugenides) is the ultimate book about adolescence. Too dark?"

No, not too dark. It's a gorgeous book.

message 20: by Tamara (new)

Tamara Hattis (goodreadscomtamara_hattis) | 8 comments Matilda-Roald Dahl
Any Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary (Ramona!), and Lois Lowry book
Short stories by Edith Wharton and Kate Chopin
Anyone into the Beat poets? I am.:) They saved me during my teenage years
Anything by Alice Walker
Sassafrass, Cypress, and Indigo by Ntozake Shange
The Joy Luck Club
Jane Eyre-Charlotte Bronte
The Glass Menagerie -Tennessee Williams-a must, I think
Girl Goddess #9 by Francesca Lia Block Chbosky

message 21: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vceden) | 29 comments Mod
If you haven't voted for our next book yet, do it now! The Perks of Being a Wallflower and A Wrinkle in Time are tied.

message 22: by AC (new)

AC (allieyea) | 1 comments Could Pride and Prejudice be thrown into the pool? Or maybe Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse? The latter is a beautiful study of womanhood and growing up.

message 23: by Ashley (last edited Feb 06, 2013 11:45AM) (new)

Ashley Squires | 10 comments I'd like to throw in a vote for pretty much anything by Margaret Atwood--Cat's Eye seems particularly relevant to the group, though The Blind Assassin and The Robber Bride might work too.

Other possibilities:
Number the Stars
The Diary of Anne Frank
Little House on the Prairie
Persepolis (graphic novel)
Mansfield Park
Something by Ursula LeGuin (one of the Earthsea novels maybe)
Huckleberry Finn
Housekeeping (gorgeous and short)

message 24: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vceden) | 29 comments Mod
I thought for next month since The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a pretty short book that we might read a couple short stories as well. Maybe make those optional. Shirley Jackson's The Lottery has come up on the podcast, not surprisingly. Does anybody have any other recommendations? Maybe something that would complement Perks?

message 25: by Tamara (new)

Tamara Hattis (goodreadscomtamara_hattis) | 8 comments I love Shirley Jackson's short stories and her books such as House on Haunted Hill and We Have All Lived in the Castle.
Maybe we should read a Francesca Lia Block book or a Judy Blume book for a female perspective to complement Perks? Or we can read Jeanette Winterson or some other books Janet recently talked about. One by a Miranda July? It Chooses You?

message 26: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vceden) | 29 comments Mod
Tami, I have a Jeanette Winterson book picked out coming up soon! I'll announce it in the next week or so.

message 27: by Alexis (new)

Alexis | 5 comments Hello
I was catching up on older JV Club podcasts and heard her mention the book club, so I'm a little late to the game, but excited to join. I missed out on wrinkle in time (read it as a child) and I re-read Perks this fall (for the ump-teenth time) when the movie came out, so I probably won't re-read at the moment, but I look forward to joining in April if I can.

I know it's a children's series, but maybe Anne of Green Gables since Janet talks about it a lot. I'm sure others read it as a kid, but I never did

message 28: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vceden) | 29 comments Mod
Alexis, you missed Anne! That was our first book!

We are doing a live tweet of the movie version of Perks as a group. Feel free to join us then.

If not, we look forward to having you join us in April.

message 29: by Alexis (new)

Alexis | 5 comments Do we have a June book?

message 30: by Tamara (new)

Tamara Hattis (goodreadscomtamara_hattis) | 8 comments I recently bought Miranda July's "I Am Not Here" based on Janet's and David Sedaris' recommendation.

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