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Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 445 comments Mod
12/24/2012: A Locks meeting at Park A. Transcript will be provided afterwards for those who are unavailable.

Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 445 comments Mod
Transcript of meeting:

Darein: The Locks. How are we going to defeat them. Any ideas? Actually, currently on call is 7 of us, and resources tell us there's only 5 of them. For now. The tables are apt to turn. And quickly.

Lucy: Don't answer that..

Darein: So, any ideas on how to take them out?"

Lucy: Well... we could do a sneak attack..

Darein: Do you think that would actually work? We can't underestimate them.

Lucy: Well... did we ever come up with that spell to hide our scent yet?

Darein: We have it halfway finished, I believe. I am not personally working on it.

Lucy: If worse comes to worse we could use that.. but.. we could use someone as bait to go and try to find out there weaknesses..

Darein: Well, we do have one or two people with the skills and time to infiltrate, no?

Den: We need infiltrators, to get inside, attackers, who go up in front and destroy things directly, and people to back them up. Its just an idea, but we should surround them. And numbers aren't very reliable. We're supposed to be more powerful.

Alotus: Don't forget to count the animals. Or, at least, the animal forms.

Illiot: Yeah, I can be REAL powerful! I wasn't joking.

Lucy: I know.. but you squeaked a little.. it was cute.. uh.. no offense..

Alotus: As can I be powerful.

Den: Animals are not always what they seem.

Lucy: Will it work?

Darein: We can try it. But Illiot will stay back, as will Alotus. Are there any other complaints, suggestions, or topic that need to be discussed?

Den: No.

Darein: Well then, meeting adjourned.

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