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Kristi (kristicoleman) Happy Holidays Everyone! What are your thoughts on this section??

Becky I am relieved that July has stopped trying to cross the plains to find Elmira and has settled down to raise his son and work for Clara. I couldn't understand why he was so fixated on his wife and seemingly indifferent towards his son. He took his duties as a husband seriously but not as a father and that grated on me. Perhaps it was all too overwhelming for him as he is still struggling with the deaths of roscoe and Joe. Still I was frustrated with him, how could he not see that Elmira wanted nothing to do with him.

I was also confused in this section about Gus and Lorie. Are they sleeping together? Or is she just trying to get him to and he Is just kissing and caressing her but no sex? It's a shame that she doesn't understand how to express her need for love any differently, but how could she?.

Also, this business with the Calvary has me worried. After Call's attack on Dixin I dont think we've seen the last if them. This book is winding to a close and I feel a pre-combat tension rising. Deets, our spiritual leader in this journey, seems to feel it too.

Zulfiya (ztrotter) July is a very frustrating character - you want to like him so much because he is naive and kind, but the whole situation with the child and Elmira is dubious, to say the least. I wish he could have more guts to finally decide what he was going to do with his life and move on. Occasionally I had an urge to punch him ....

Becky I meant to post this earlier to maybe draw others into the discussion: if you could see Lorie matched with any character who would it be?

I think that she would do well with July and the baby. I think she wants that life without really knowing it. I like the idea of her staying there with Clara and the lot.

Then again, I am always worried about being hopeful in books like these.

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