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Deathwing walked in

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Death bird

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Bekah Intrigued by the name, Rachel enters and takes a look around.

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Clark was still p*ssed that the stranger had chosen to judge him. It wasn't his fault that he had some powers that would probably kill everyone if he didn't have a tight grip around it. But still...the look on her face was priceless, he thought as he chuckled. He haven't notice that there was someone there in the hall he was walking through since he was pretty taken by with malicious thoughts in his head.

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Bekah Rachel stood against the wall and remained silent. She still listened though for who was there. Finally, some action. Something to take my mind off the prophesy.

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It was odd, he wasn't like this. What had change? He asked himself as he tried to remember what had happened to him in the last few hours. It was like looking at a movie though, he walked slowly not knowing that there was a behind his left knee was a red shard of glass, not too big enough to notice but if you looked at it closely you would see it,

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Bekah Rachel leaned enough to where she saw who it was. Clark. She inhaled deeply. His name seemed to only crush the impending doom of her future into the forefront of her mind. Apart from her father, her mother had been the only living person who understood the prophecy Rachel suffered under. No one understood what it was like to know that, not only are you a freak, but you are going to either save or destroy the world.

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He twisted around as he felt his senses telling him that he was not alone. He fell into a fighting stance and when he was the girl...Rachel? He relaxed but tension still ran through his body. With a smirk he called out, "Well if it isn't Miss Shadows." He sneered at her but deep inside he didn't want to do that but for some reason he was angry at her and it boiled to the surface.

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Bekah Rachel sighed, aware that she could no longer stay hidden against the wall. "Clark," she said with neither anger or care. She stepped away from the wall and let the shadows cling to her feet. She didn't need to hide it since Clark had already seen some of her greater powers. And the shadows were better friends to her than any person was.

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His heart thudded suddenly and with a confused glance toward Rachel and to his chest and back again he demanded, "What did you do?" Clark felt odd. His palms had sweated and his stance had turned stiff with tension, all of it was not rage. He scoffed at the shadows at her feet, "Do you think that will protect you from me?"

The red bullet on the back of his knee was positively glowing against the blue of his jeans but he didn't see it since he was intent on Rachel.

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Bekah Rachel watched Clark. Something was wrong. She had expected anger the next time she saw him, but this wasn't just anger. It was bloodthirsty uncontrolled emotions. Rachel knew firsthand the awful devastation when she let her emotions go. Clark's could be dangerous. Maybe even as her own. She saw something illuminating on the back of his leg. She stared at it and said,"Clark..."

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"What?" He asked her with a mocking smile. The feeling of oddness faded and was replaced by irritation. I hate much After that he felt like he had been punched in the gut. Shaking his head he clenched his jaw as he let his gaze roam on her body slowly. "Do you need...something?" His voice had gone husky and it was not the first time he had heard this. Something was definitely wrong.

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Bekah "No..." Rachel circled Clark. She did it so gracefully that it appeared in no way threatening. Though Clark was being very volital. She stopped behind him and bullet illuminating even brighter off Clark's jeans. She pointed to it, not wanting to speak. It wasn't that she was scares of Clark. She genuinely did not know what words to say.

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He looked down and what he saw made him think of
someone. Lifting his gaze to Rachel, "This is bad." Now he knew why he was like this but in this state he can do anything and he wouldn't be bothered by emotions and his conscience at all so shrugging nonchalantly to her, "So?"

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Bekah Rachel just stared at him. Was he really this careless about what happened with his state of mind? "Mortals," she muttered inaudibly. She turned to leave. She had had enough of other people for one day and saw no point in lingering. When she turned she saw a person waiting at the door.

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He turned to look at her with a shrug when he finally realized that they were not alone in the hall. Walking slowly in front of Rachel he called out to the hooded figure, "Do you get off watching people?" He asked in a lazy tone. Keeping his body in front of Rachel, he didn't know why but he needed to see if the figure was dangerous or not.

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Bekah Rachel was slightly heartened by Clark stepping in front of her, but she knew.this was not a fight ie could win. It wasn't one she could either. But she had a better chance than he did. "Clark," she whisperer harshly to him, "Get down and close your eyes. This is bigger than you."

The figure stopped and it's eyes glowed evilly.

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Clark's eyes went red at the threat he had seen in front of them and he he half-turned to Rachel, "Sweetheart, I have powers that you don't know about yet so can you please keep it down?" He asked with a fast caress on her cheek. Steeping back he turned to the figure, "Hey, stalker! Why in the shadows? Come out so that I can see your ugly face," he said as he let his hands hang loosely.

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Bekah "Clark." Rachel took his hand. "I know that. But even I can only postpone his terror. Please Get down." She stepped beside Clark. She looked her opponent in the eye. She heard it hiss in ancient Greek and bit her lip. "Is it me you want." She was so sure of this there was barely any question in her voice.

The slithering figure stopped were it was. "Wwhhyyyy yessss. Hello my dear. It has been a whille sinccccee my lord saw you, dear Raven."
Rachel stiffened at the sound of his voice and her birth name. "Demon,"she muttered. Every time they were near, the forces inside her were nearly impossible to reign. But especially here she had to.

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Raven? Clark thought her name was Rachel, had she lied even about that? You know fully enough that those around you will betray you so why bother? Wincing at the voice in his head he turned to Rachel with a sneer, "Fine! Since you're all tough and sh*t I guess I should be leaving then." You don't curse...A small voice added in his head but right now he didn't care as he zoomed past Rachel and the snake.

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Bekah Rachel was glad that Clark was out of harms way. Still though, she felt that he still was in danger. Not my problem, currently. She stared into the eyes of one of the assailants of death itself. "Leave. Your master has no power over me."

The demon laughed . It was an awful sound that resembled a child screaming in pain, but with a small hissing behind it. "You know you cannot hide from him forever. After all..." the demon reappeared beside her and whispered in her ear, "You are his daughter."

Raven made her hand appear in the darkness behind the demon and grabbed his neck. "I am no daughter of his!" she exclaimed, letting her emotions go with made the lights above her vaporize.

The demon gasped before cackling. He slipped out of her hand and to the ground. "Ahahahahhahahahahh," he laughed slowly and creepily.

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Clark might not see what is happening but he can hear just fine and all of it doesn't make any sense at all. Daughter? She was the daughter of the one who sent that thing in this town. He might not care but that didn't sit well with him so just as he saw the snake creature melt into ground he turned to Rachel. His eyes had gone solid red and the the red glass on the back of his knee was now glowing brighter now. "What the hell are you?" He asked as he stepped in front of her.

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Bekah Rachel was exhausted. Sending the demon back took away all her energy. She gasped and fell to her knees, muttering something. When Clark come up to her she felt that his anger and emotions were stronger. More ignitable. She simply looked up at him and said, "You said it yourself. I'm a freak." She watched his knee and debated whether or not to take the pain/ailment from him. He would probably hurt her if she tried.

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Not fast enough to catch her he quickly went to her side so that he can see for himself if she was okay. Focusing on her body, he tried his X-try vision to see if the creature had hurt her somewhere but after a full minute he didn't find anything and just like that, seeing her paler than usual turned his red eyes back to normal blue, "Rachel...what happened to you?" He asked as he caressed her cheek.

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Bekah Rachel breathed normally. "Nothing, I'm fine." She tried pushing herself up from the ground. She stumbled a bit but got to her feet. She looked at Clark. It relieved her to see his eyes no longer showed hostility. "Are you?" She asked placing her hand on his firm arm for her balance. It had been four years since the last demon. Why now?

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"I am, why?" he asked as he helped her maintain her equilibrium. Clark leaned his head against hers, "How about you? What happened here? The last time I saw you was at the park," he whispered to her as the shard of glass in his knee. It fell to the floor with a ping and the red became a pale shade of it.

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Bekah "Because...well, that was a...erm...very dangerous villian. They say that nothing in our world can destroy him." She closed her eyes. The prophesy. That must be what it was. "He's gone now though." But he'll be back, she thought sadly. She hugged Clark. Her arms wrapped around his strong waist she somehow felt safer. Even when the worst was still yet to come.

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Clark leaned back as he let Rachel hugged him. What happened to her? To him? It was like a huge part of his memory had been ripped but it was still there though just unreachable. Letting his arms wrap around her, "Whoever he is we can beat him, you know," he said to her.

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Bekah Rachel let go and stood back. "Sure," she said. He seemed a bit dazed so she decided to keep low for the moment. She looked around and saw where a part of the carpet had vaporized. She nonchalantly moved a garbage can over there with her thoughts. It covered it well enough. She began walking.

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He smiled at her walking form. He know her well enough, even though it's only been a day, to know that she is hiding something from him but he let it go for now since there's a case with his memory that he needed to mull in his head.

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Bekah Rachel slowed her pace. She wasn't ready to be completely alone again. Loneliness was the one emotion that she could feel without remorse.

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Clark stood up and ate up the distance between Rachel and him with long, easy strides. When he was beside her he asked, "What happened to me?"

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Bekah She looked him in the eye. "What do you mean?" She said stopping and crossing her arms. Did he really not remember anything?

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"The time between the park and here is considerably long, isn't it? So I ask again, what happened to me?" He whispered to her. This had happened before back in Smallville but his parents didn't know what had caused it and they never did tell him what he had done in those hours.

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Bekah " evil man came. He attacked me, but you saved me." Rachel attempted a smile then stopped knowing it would only seem more suspicious. He didn't need to know the truth. It was better if he heard a white lie than a frightening truth. Maybe it was more for her own sake though.

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Clark nodded as he stared straight ahead. Something was not adding up and he did not know if he should call out the truth from her or not since he hates being alone all the time and he does not want Rachel to go away so with a bright smile he said, "I didn't know you need saving so I'm glad I did."

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Bekah "Yes, me too," she said quietly. The continued on for a while before Rachel started wondering if another attack would come. She knew she had better be alone if one did. The demons would destroy anyone to capture her.

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Noticing that she was silent all of sudden, he let his gaze settle on her and seeing her worried face he asked, "Tell me the truth, Rachel. What are you thinking about?"

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Bekah ?

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Bekah "The truth is sometimes more dangerous than silence," Rachel sighed exasperated. She knew if she didn't finish her third life high school soon, the demons would return for her. And if they did, they wouldn't just get her. There would be something so big it would destroy anyone she remotely cared for.

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Bekah .

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Bekah Rachel knew what she needed to do. This had forced her hand. She nodded to.Clark before starting away.

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Clark knew that something was wrong by the way she had closed up to him so he caught her before she ever placed a foot away from him. He drew in a deep breath before saying, "What do you mean by that?" He never did understand people because he was not himself but he wanted to. Rachel was the first town in this town to ever ignite his interest and he wanted it to last somehow.

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Bekah Rachel felt his hand grab hers and stopped, lingering on his question. She sighed. If there was one person who should at least know a bit, it's Clark. She turned slowly staring at the ground as her normal shy self would. "Clark, I cannot tell you what's going on. This is something big. But I can tell you I need to face it alone."

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Taking a step closer to her, he gently nudged her face toward her face with a hand to her cheek. Eyes now connected with hers he whispered, "No one should be ever alone when he or she's in trouble." He had been alone if it hadn't for his parents finding him in that field and he was thankful that he had people to stand by him. Who does Rachel have?

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Bekah Rachel closed her eyes as his hand brushed the sides of her face. She felt her cheeks grow hot. Why must she do this alone? She could have he'll couldn't she? No, she firmly commanded herself. She forced her eyes open and looked meekly into his. "I don't want to hurt you. All I can do is hurt you. I'm better off alone.

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Bekah .

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"Are you even living if you're always alone, Rachel?" He asked her gently as he let his fingers brush her cheek back and forth. In the past he wanted to be alone because he was afraid of what people might think about his powers but Rachel was just like him and there's no need to be apart if they can fight it together.

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