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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites)

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She smirked 'I never knew you meant a fancy one' she laughed and looked at her dress

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She looked at him 'What?' She asked thinking she heard something

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((Go for it! More drama in Vegas! Sorry for the late reply))

She nodded 'That must be sad' she frowned

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She sighed, 'That's awful..poor him'

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She looked at the menu, and bit her lip 'Um..the pasta looks good' she smiled 'And a coke please'

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She smiled and looked around the place

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She laughed 'Much be used to it, Snow'

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She shrugged 'I didn't see myself with a job there' she lied

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She smiled 'I forget that we knew each other when we were little' then sighed 'I was adopted, my parents just used me as a cover story, they actually used me as their slave, a maid so I ran away' she shrugged

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She shook her head 'I didn't think...I was stupid anyway' she smirked

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She sighed and nodded 'I was...look where I am now..a stripper' she muttered

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((@Xaviera can you please put your character creation in the correct bold format?))

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Sera skids into the parking lot after a minute and sticks the car into a spot. She looks over at Matt before smirking, "well if you almost wrecked your car the first day you got it you can expect my car to be held by the police." She teases and looks back as a cop car passes them.

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Sera pulls the keys out of the ignition before stepping out of the car. She fixes her skirt before throwing Matt the keys. Grabbing her purse, she walks up next to him and then smirks. "Oh that was nothing," she says casually and then shrugs. "I like cars what can I say? That's what I get for growing up here and also spending sometime with some people who know cars really well."

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Sera smiles and nods, "I'll make sure you see it," she says and slides into the booth. "I don't really know actually. Just...start talking about the business and I'll think of questions." She leans back and crosses her legs gazing at him simple curiosity in her eyes.

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Sera raises an eyebrow and smirks slightly, "so what happened with his dad? Damion mentioned something about it being a family business. I would guess his dad's," she cocks her head slightly and then rolls her eyes at his comment about sand. "The sand isn't that bad, only if you don't mind emptying your shoes every once in a while."

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Sera nods slowly and then looks around before looking down at her hands. "So will I be killing people?" She asks after a moment and looks up at him. Her eyes were guarded and she warily flicks her gaze away before looking back at Matt.

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Sera suddenly grins, "Oh thats so great killing people because I'm being threatened." She says her voice laced with sarcasm and she smirks slightly. Looking up as the waiter comes over to take their orders, she quickly flips open the menu and scans the choices before wrinkling her nose slightly. "Uh I'll have a salad with a sprite," She says looking up and closing the menu.

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Sera rolls her eyes and then sighs, "I don't know maybe I will. Who knows I could be good at it." She mumbles and sets her elbows on the table before covering her face with her hands and running a hand through her hair. "Ok so what do you do? Do you do the drug deals and stuff too?"

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"Do you guys have any other girls working for you?" She asks suddenly sitting up straighter and cocks her head to the side slightly before crossing her legs and taking a drink of the water the waiter had brought them.

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"You just let them go? They could probably spill your whole operation thing to the police and you just let them go?" She looks at him and then shrugs. "Well I wouldn't blame them."

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Sera laughs and shakes her head. "Well that worked out well I guess," She teases and looks at him. "So is anyone else in love in your little group?" She asks, "Because I was talking to Damion and I'm pretty sure he has a girlfriend."

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Sera smiles and shrugs, "yea I don't know I think it would be hard to be in love in this line if business. No offense but I wouldn't really enjoy my boyfriend going off to possibly kill people and drug deal." She says shrugging, "however I've never been in love so I guess I have no room to judge."

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"What is it with you guys and owning me stuff?" She asks teasingly, "I mean seriously, I owe you this you owe me that, I would have done it for anyone really it wasn't that big of a deal." She says casually and looks up as the waiter comes with their food.

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"See?! Huge freaking tip for no good reason and just.." She trails off and shrugs, "why do you guys do that? Seriously, even the richest man in the world probably wouldn't do that. Oh and I would probably just end up being your multifunctional doctor/driver/gun person." She says smirking.

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Sera looks at him her eyes widening slightly. "Well that's a depressing thought," she mutters and shrugs. "If that's how you look at it though...." She takes a bite of her salad and chews thoughtfully. "So what happens to the bodies?"

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Sera looks at him and frowns slightly, "That is depressing, I guess someone will just have to change your mind about that." She says softly and looks down at her salad before taking another bite.

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Sera looks up and smiles slightly, "it'll be whoever you want it to be. If you want it to be me then sure, I'd love to help you find a bright side of life." She says and finishing half the salad sits back and watches him for a moment.

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Sera laughs before shaking her head, "I'm glad you want me to although I don't think it should be only me. If I were to die or get hurt that could cause some problems in you finding the happy side of life." She muses thoughtfully before shrugging, "well it's a start I guess. Come on," she stands up and holds out her hand. "Let's find the bright side of life."

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Sera smiles, "My knight in shining armor." She gives him a feather light kiss on the cheek before heading towards his car. "Although I meant that for you not to take seriously, thanks for the reassurance but again, I have a positive outlook on life." She walks over to the car and unlocks it.

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Sera smiles slightly before sticking the keys into the ignition and backing out. "When's the last time you did something fun? Like..for no reason at all. Something completely spontaneous and down right crazy?" She asks and pulls onto the road.

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Sera rolls her eyes and flicks her gaze over at him. "That doesn't count if it's not fun." She says and shakes her head. "Well todays your lucky day. See the thing is, you can't take life so seriously Matt. Your what..19 and your so serious and stuff. Now's your time to make stupid mistakes and do stupid shit without regretting it cause you'll look back and laugh." She says and smirks, "So we are going to go to the beach and I'll show you why sand isn't that bad for one thing."

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Sera giggles before shaking her head. "I'm kidding, it does have a pool though and we're going there," She says.

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Sera nods and hits the gas, she speeds up and swerves in between cars completely at ease. "Do you have swim trunks? If you don't you could probably borrow some of Damions or something," she says and skids to a stop as a light turns yellow.

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Sera looks at him curiously, "you are an odd child." She murmurs and pulls into the hotel parking lot. "Well come on then, I need to get a suit." She says and pulls out the keys. Hopping out of the car, she locks the door before handing Matt the keys. "Here you can have these back."

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Sera laughs, "I didn't know if I was or not either," She says shrugging and walks towards the elevators. Sera stops one of the open ones and hops in before pressing the room level.

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Sera shakes her head, "people screw up even when they are serious." She looks at him and then crosses her arms. "It's in the human genetics to mess up. Hell, it's in everything to mess up." She looks back at him and runs a hand through her hair. "Have fun once in a while and you'll do a lot better." She stands up as the elevator stops and walks out into the hallway.

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Marik wrote: ""Your not a stripper anymore, remember that" He told her "Now your a member of my family" He added."

'Thanks...' She smirked 'For everything..'

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'Me do something crazy..please that doesn't sound like me at all' she smiled

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'Yay me..' She mumbled and laughed 'Damion...why don't you go find a girl and guard her?' She smiled 'I'm sure that there are many here in Vegas'

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She shrugged and smiled 'Good for you' she said, 'Why are you here with me? Go be with her or something?' She laughed

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She nodded 'Have fun' she muttered as he left then she grabbed her bag and left the restaurant

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Sera smiles at him before walking into the restaurant and looking around curiously. She moves closer to Matt's side as a waiter passes and then steps away.

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Sera slides in across from him and crosses her legs before shrugging. "I don't go out much, well as much as not going out is for Vegas," She says simply before smiling. "I like it though. It's nice to go someplace not to work or anything like that."

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"Well honestly, I like to work. It gives me something to do during the day. Other wise I get bored." She shrugs

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Sera looks up as the waiter comes. "What can I get for you guys?" He asks and Sera looks down at the menu.

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Jane walked in and sat by herself she looked at the menu and sighed

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