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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites)

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Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Serenity was walking down the strip to the casino to see her father. They haven't talked in a while so she wanted to just say hi. As she walked, she said hi to about everyone that walked past her.

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Jane was walking with her black dress, tights and heels. She was handing out some drinks to regular customers, getting ready for her dance

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She finished handing out the drinks then saw the stranger come in 'Welcome to the strip how any I help you?' She asked with a heart-stopping smile

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She looked at him confused 'How do you..' She stopped short, her boss was signaling her to get on stage 'Im to perform..' She turned and ran backstage to get ready

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She changed into a sexy short white dress with her hair tucked inside a hat, she walked onstage with a few other girls, they started dancing to Lady Marmalade, she winked at Damion and smiled

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When the y finished she went backstage and changed back to her dress and tights. She saw the boss waiting for her,she gulped. 'Jane been great help but you gotta go' he said then walked away. She ran a hand through her hair and grabbed her stuff, she sat on a stool and asked for a drink

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She followed him 'Sir..who are you and how do you know my name?' She asked

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'Well Snow, I've live my life working my ass having someone say that they knew me from the past..don't explain anything!'

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She took the picture and smiled, then reached into her bag taking out exactly the same 'Damion....thank you'

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She smirked at him 'No...just myself' she laughed

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She shrugged, 'Don't know, might find out' she smiled

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She laughed, 'I think I remembered you calling me...what was it again?' she thought. "Janie' she smiled

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She smiled and looked at the sky, 'I never thought you would come to find me' she murmured

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She giggled and covered her mouth, blushing.

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She smiled at him and put her hand down 'That was embrassing'

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She kissed him back then pulled away, looking at him

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She smiled, and shook her head, 'I must be dreaming'

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She smirked and stroked his face softly, 'Just checking'

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She laughed, 'So much money?' she shook her head 'I earn a hundred per month if I work non-stop'

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She bit her lip, not moving her hand to take it. 'I..'

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'I can't take this..its took much..I already have some clothes' she smiled

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She smiled wider 'Sure'

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She shook her head and took it 'Anyone that has money' she murmured and laughed

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