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Matt (mattrees) | 1 comments From award-winning crime writer: A free short story to send shivers down your spine when everyone else is pretending to be happy. The Man Who Went Out at Night is a supernatural short story set in the Welsh mining town where my Dad grew up and where I spent much of my childhood. In the valley, the people stay in their houses by night, terrified of the one figure who ventures out in the dark: The Man Who Went Out at Night. Drawn from his home to sleep with an older woman, Tommy Williams confronts The Man. The meeting leads to murder and a grisly conclusion. But perhaps it also gives Tommy a chance to be free of the fear felt by the people of the valley. It's free on amazon from Monday through Friday this week.Download the U.S. version free to your Kindle or (even if you don't have an ereader) download it to your computer.Get the UK version free.

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Thaisa Frank (wwwthaisafrankcom) | 1 comments A weird and fascinating premise. Also, a great title. Racing to finish a novel---but I hope I have time to read it.

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