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30% in and addicted already.

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Peter I'm loving this book already. I just finished Elantris by Brandon Sanderson and was worried I couldn't get into another book easily. So far so good with The Warded Man, and most reviews say it gets better the further in you get. Excited to have a good book to get into with three snowstorms coming to the Northeast this week!!

Monica GOOD GRIEF NO! I have a plane to catch no snow! Yeah i must say i enjoyed the beginning of the book also.

Paweł Agreed, there is something about this book that is very addictive. For me it looked like a simple almost fairy-tale story about a couple of children but still I could not stop reading.

Mridupawan  Podder This one is much better. The second one was okayish but had an explosive ending. BTW, read Warbreaker?

Peter Freelancer wrote: "This one is much better. The second one was okayish but had an explosive ending. BTW, read Warbreaker?"
Yes... read Warbreaker and thought it was awesome.

Chris Tomey Can't wait for The Daylight War. So far an excellent series. The second book was good, you just have to be prepared for a different story line for most of it. It makes up for it in the end.

Peter I finished this book last week and it was a great read. I'm hesitant to start The Desert Spear based on the reviews. Anyone have some good recommendations, or should I give the 2nd one a go? (I like a good story with a lot of magic.)

Goran I don't see why not, if you liked the first one...

message 9: by Sam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sam Griffin i think the desert spear was just as good as the painted man, dont understand why ppl are saying it wasnt,if looking for a diff/next book to read i suggest the name of the wind

Deeptanshu Desert Spear was almost as good as it predecessor. If you liked the first one you will like this.

Beverly This is one of my favorite series. I have finished my 4th re-read of The Warded Man and am almost through The Desert Spear for a 3rd re-read, then on to Daylight War for a 2nd read before Skull Throne next month.

C. G. Telcontar I liked the first two Have not read the daylight war. If any critique, I thought the personal problems of the two main characters got overcooked and dragged the pacing down a few notches. The challenge of getting a society to keep functioning under such drastic circumstances is a great plot idea.

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