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Is Twilight fantasy or just a romantic novel?

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Marvin Amazon I've seen people call it many things, but I wondered what you all thought. What category would you actually put Twilight in?

Christina O. Aren't all romance novels fantasy? ;)

Technically, it is fantasy because of the things that are not real, like vampires. But the books will appeal most to people looking for romance. Those who are looking more for fantasy might be a bit disappointed by how much time is spent on the romance instead of the storyline. A lot of times books can't be put into a specific genre, they like to cross the boundaries and be everything at once.

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Nuran A book can go under many categories, as long as it fits. I wouldn't say it's fantasy, that's more a magic and elves kind of thing in my mind, it could go in there but it probably be odd next to books like lord of the rings and game of thrones. I would put it under paranormal instead, as well as under romance.

Gerd twilight is "Paranormal Teenromance"

Leona Yeah I would definitely categorise it as paranormal romance.

Nicole D. It's IMO a Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Carina I agree with Gerd - a Teen Paranormal Romance. To me YA is also aimed at those younger than the audience of Twilight, and to me a fantasy tends to be more mythical so paranormal fits this series perfectly.

Fatima Souane i dnt what it it

Fatima Souane i dnt what it it

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Lia fantasy

Megan Sanbower i think it should be a romantic novel but also it is kinda a real life situation when you fall in love wit someone but not the vampire part but just that its mostly romantic novel and also a fantasy

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Jeni Hmm..I classify it as Supernatural Teen Romance. Paranormal is more spirits/ghosts/etc. and shapeshifters and vampires are more supernatural.

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