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Bam (bam_bam) | 76 comments ((If anyone wants to RP, silver is at the hotel))

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Eml | 2140 comments Natsumi walked in and sat next to Jamie. "Good morning. I didn't hear you come in last night. Where did you go?"

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l Adrianna walked in and looked around. She saw a few girls in the room, but sat in between the girls and the other end of the room, so it didn't seem like she was being too rude

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Eml | 2140 comments This made Natsumi laugh, "It looked like you went for a swim. I saw your dress, it was rather wet."

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Bam (bam_bam) | 76 comments Silver hovered behind Natsumi, recognizing they were some of the other selected girls. She turned and smiled to Adrianna, her blue hair started to curls at the ends from her morning smimming session. ''Hey..'' she whispered ''Where abouts is the bathroom?'' she murmered, half laughing half asking.

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l "Uh, I don't really know. I kinda just got here, sorry." Adrianna said. She hated first meetings, she always felt she needed to make a good first impression. She tended to get on people's bad sides too often.
So she stuck out her hand, quite abruptly.
"Adrianna." She introduced herself to the girl.

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Bam (bam_bam) | 76 comments Silver stared down at her hand then glanced back up to her face, she never made friends that quickly and she was beginning to feel like she was being judged. But she smiled politely and held out her hand enthusiastically ''I'm Silver..'' she wanted a friend here, she wasn't good at making friends.

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l Adrianna didn't know what to say. She was not a 'people person.' She blurted out the first thing that came to her mind,
"So...what Caste are you? A Three? A Four?"

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Bam (bam_bam) | 76 comments Silver smiled, knowing she and this girl were going to get along just fine ''A four.. she replied quite shyly, yourself?'' she raised a dark brown eyebrow, which made her blue hair stand out even more.

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l A Four? Adrianna was shocked, she'd barely ever talked to anyone higher than a five.
"I'm a Seven." She replied, "It sucks."

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Bam (bam_bam) | 76 comments Silver shook her head ''I wish I was lower.. it sucks people judging you, there expectation are so high, they all assume I'm the lowest there is'' she begins to laugh, trying to cover up the ketchup stain on her blouse. She wore and white satin blouse and black jeans, not high heels because she was already a giant without them.

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l "Take it from first hand experience, you do not want to be a Seven. If I'm lucky I'll get two meals a day." She sighed, "and I'm one of the lucky ones, my parents were Eights, but they were killed. I live with my aunt and uncle and get to be a Seven."

Adrianna looked away from Silver and noticed one of the others looking at them.

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Bam (bam_bam) | 76 comments Silvers face was filled with sympathy ''I-I'm so sorry..'' she whispered, suddenly feeling very very fortunate. Her attention turn to Jamie, her glances shifted between Adrianna and the other girl until she rested her gaze on the napkin Jamie held in her hands ''Hey.. um, I'm Silver'' she smiled, addressing this comment at Jamie.

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Eml | 2140 comments Marigold walked into the room and had to bite her tongue to stop herself from squealing. That's Natsumi! Natsumi. She picked a seat next to the girl who was next to Natsum trying to not make it obvious what a fan she was. Marigold also recognized her as a three. The girl had straight black hair and appeared to be on the verge of fainting. "Hi, y'all.. I'm Marigold.," she addressed the entire table.

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l Adrianna turned her attention to Marigold at the other table.
She rolled her eyes, Why do some people demand their presence be noticed? She thought, Must be a two or a three.

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Eml | 2140 comments She smiled at Jamie with genuine warmth, not deterred that no one else said hello back. Marigold had been to enough gatherings to know most people were shy. "It's wonderful to meet you. I'm so exited to be here, i'm sure we're all going to be very close friends."

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l Adrianna stood up, and her stomach rumbled. She quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed, but it didn't seem like anyone did. Walking over to the other table, giving all the girls a slightly sarcastic smile, then applied more black lipstick.
They were all wearing pretty dresses, Adrianna looked down at her black dress and laughed, at least she was still being herself.

"Well, hi there. " She said sweetly, "I'm Adrianna."

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Eml | 2140 comments "Nice to meet you Adrianna, that's a lovely name." Marigold said. She held out her hand in greeting.

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l Adrianna shook Marigold's hand,
"Why, thankyou, I think your name takes the prize, though. Let me guess, you're a Three?" She asked, still with a sickly sweet smile on her face.

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Eml | 2140 comments Marigold paused, alerted by something in the glint of Adrianna's eyes. "Yes, I am. How could you tell?"

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l "Well, you Threes definitely have a certain charm. What do you do for a living?"

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Eml | 2140 comments "My family owns an apothecary shop. We sell medicines and offer medical advice to people who can't afford a full doctor…Would you care to sit with us? Aren’t you tired of standing?”

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l "Of course, thankyou." Adrianna sat down at the table, "I'm a Seven. I work in a factory, packing boxes." She smiled, knowing that Marigold wouldn't have expected that.

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Eml | 2140 comments She smiled back. "Then this must be wonderful for you. Even if you don't win the Prince's heart you'll still have the good fortune of becoming a three."

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l Adrianna chuckled,
"Oh, of course. I would have never dreamed of an opportunity like this one. Though, I do enjoy the company of Sevens, they're very...humble."

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Eml | 2140 comments "Yes, I suppose that is one way to describe them." Marigold, wasn't sure, but she was getting the feeling Adrianna didn't like her. And judging by the way she was talking about statuses she could guess why.

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l Adrianna knew Marigold was catching on.
"So, tell me more about you, Marigold. Hobbies, favourite things, your province...I would just love to get to know you!"

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Bam (bam_bam) | 76 comments Silver sat by watched the girls but she couldn't hold it in any longer ''Hey girls.. I'm so sorry to interrupt but do you think I could go and change somewhere? I have no idea where my room is.. It's just'' she giggled, her cheeks turning pink ''I spilled ketchup on my shirt from a hot dog I had earlier'' she mumbled, looking towards the floor. She knew Aaron would not be impressed.

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Eml | 2140 comments Marigold turned to the other girls, "Oh, I don't know my room either. I just got here as well."

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Bam (bam_bam) | 76 comments Silver smiled at Jamie ''Thanks..'' but then she turned to Marigold ''Hey, wanna come with me to find out our rooms?'' she asked, raising an eyebrow and pointing towards the door whilst making a feeble attempt to cover the red stain on her blouse.

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Eml | 2140 comments "Yes, I'd like that. If you girls will excuse us, we'll be right back." She looped her arm through Silver's and began walking towards the front desk. "Let's not take too long, I don't want to miss Prince Aaron."

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Bam (bam_bam) | 76 comments Silver smiled and walked alongside Marigold ''So, Marigold.. have you spoken to Aaron much yet?'' she asked politely as they made their way to the reception.

((Sort out our rooms at the hotel?))

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Eml | 2140 comments ((Yeah I'll post there))

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Eml | 2140 comments Hayden came in through the back door after Silver and Marigold had already left, so he didn't get the chance to see them. He stood by the wall, trying to blend in as much as he could. Methodically, he avoided looking at Jamie, trying to look everywhere else; not even allowing himself to look into her clear green eyes.

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Eml | 2140 comments Lyra walked into the room and took a seat at the table Jamie and Natsumi were out. She wondered where Holly was. "Hello."

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l Someone else sat at the table. Adrianna gave a tiny wave.

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Eml | 2140 comments The wave caught Lyra's attention and she focused on the giver. Before she could think about it she asked, "Why are you dressed like you're going to a funeral?" Her blue eye and green took Adrianna's appearance in.

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l "I'm mourning for the loss of fair civilisation in this country." Adrianna answered, simply.

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Eml | 2140 comments "A couple hundred years late for mourning don't you think? Wouldn't it be a better use of your time to figure out how to restore it?"

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l "Why do you think I'm here?" Adrianna smiled, "I know lots of the girls here are saying they're just in the Selection for love and whatever, but I know that all of us are in it, at least just a little bit, for the crown. I'm not power hungry, I just want change. This country needs change."

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Eml | 2140 comments Lyra glared at Adrianna, "Don't forget that it's Aaron's heart that's on line more than anything. Doesn't he deserve to have someone who wants him, not just the crown?"

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Eml | 2140 comments Hayden became distracted by the conversation between the gothic girl and platinum blonde one; it was a bit like watching an angel and a demon fight it out. He couldn't believe they were both talking about things the country was at fault for...Things were changing. There was no way that this kind of talk was happening 20 years ago.

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Eml | 2140 comments The smell from the kitchen drew Eli like a moth to a flame. He wanted sleep, but food was calling him. He walked right in and took a seat next to Jamie. "Hey. What's making you blue Jamie?"

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Eml | 2140 comments Eli began eating concerned at how upset Jamie was, he tried to distract her. "Hey is Jamie your full name or a nickname?"

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Eml | 2140 comments Meanwhile Hayden dug his nails into his arm looking at how close Jamie was to Eli. It wasn't fair that idiot could hang over her like that.

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Eml | 2140 comments "huh, interesting. Do you have any siblings? I don't remember if you told me."

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l Eml wrote: "Lyra glared at Adrianna, "Don't forget that it's Aaron's heart that's on line more than anything. Doesn't he deserve to have someone who wants him, not just the crown?""

Adrianna dug her nails into her palms, something she had always done when she was stressed out or angry,

"Of course he deserves to find love, everyone does, I'm not as cold hearted as you may think." She took a deep breath, "All I'm saying is that becoming Queen would be a fantastic opportunity for me."
and to show that idiot that broke my heart that I could make something of myself, she didn't add.
She brought her voice down to a harsh whisper,
"The only reason I'm here is to make my aunt happy. I didn't willingly sign up for this. I know that sounds horrible, considering I was chosen and thousands of others weren't, but now that I'm here I realise that I could make a difference to our country, or help Prince Aaron to."

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Eml | 2140 comments Lyra hadn't wanted to leave her life either, but since she was here she was trying to fall for Aaron. She didn't really know what to day to Adrianna," Well, it's not really any of my business. I guess since i'm artist I just prefer color."

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Eml | 2140 comments Julie wrote: "Jamie slowly brought her attention back to Eli, "I have one sister, but we're not very close." Eli was doing a good job at distracting her. Jamie sat up in her seat. " What about you?""

"Is she older than you? I have a little sister and we're really close. She writes me every week..."He trailed off realizing," I guess I won't get this week's letter because we're at the beach." An obvious frown replaced Eli's usual cheerful grin,"Well, I guess it will just give me something to look forward to when I get back." His smile returned.

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Eml | 2140 comments Lyra turned to Eli and Jamie, "I love your little sister Eli, she's so sweet. Not sure how you two are related." Eli stuck his tongue out at her.

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