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A Great Book to Read at Christmas
Jean Coleman Jean Dec 24, 2012 04:58AM
I just want to take a moment to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas. I have been reading a fantastic book over the holidays. The Author is just absolutely wonderful and the book is so anointed. The past few days I have been reading about how God Almighty sent His Son to earth in the form of a human baby. Some people think that this book should be classified as fiction, but I am positive that it is a true story. This baby boy grew up and lived a sinless life and then died on the cross for the sins of the world. But that's not the end of the story. Three days after He was buried, He rose from the dead and is still living today! I highly recommend this book and certainly give it a five star rating. Actually this book is so good that I read it every day. The book is written about a man named Jesus who is the Son of God. The section I have been currently reading is Chapter one and two in Luke and chapters one and two in Matthew. If you are looking for a special book to read at Christmas, this is certainly the one that you want to read. In case you're wondering about the Title, it's the Holy Bible. Happy reading!

My favourite passage where god stands by while Herod slaughters innocent babes or perhaps where god sends 2 bears to murder 42 children for the sin of teasing an adult or perhaps where god in a bet with his old drinking buddy satan permeits satan to torture and terrorise one of his favourites Job or perhaps when god in a fit of pique destroys Sodom and Gommorrah and entire world in a flood. Yep the good book or perhaps the passages where Jesus declares you cannot follow unless you hate your family or God rejoices in the dashing of infant heads....

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Katherine The last thing, I am not aware of. I do know a few things. God cannot take free-agency away from anyone, even the evil people....however, he can cause ...more
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There is nothing like the love and truth of God...nothing! In the end, it is all that matters because if we get to heaven where we live with our Father in Heaven again, then we have eons to learn all of the secular knowledge, including skills of every kind. In this life, it is so important to put the Word of God and live the commandments first in our life. I know that we must, and want to gain secular knowledge here, and that we must develop and use our talents to to serve our fellowmen (those are a part of the Lord's commandments), and that we need to take care of the things of the world, like bills and other business, and careers too (those also are a part of the Lord's commandments), but if we neglect his teachings to follow Him and to do for ourselves and our families what is right and do unto our neighbors (everyone) as he would have us do, then we are not on the path to heaven because there is another being who would like to drag us down to misery and endless woe who is very deceptive and clever, but I guess that even if some people don't hear or know the Word of God in this life, they will have a chance in the next life. Some people say that God will give us many chances to learn and do what He says...I think they may be right, however, procrastination of doing what we know is right now just leads to unhappiness and falling behind, and I know for a fact that we need to follow God as early as we can in our lives for the most happiness now, which means we need to follow Him when we hear and learn about Him the first God and His Son as early as we can in life, and we will be very, very happy! Thanks for sharing your review on the Bible, and giving me an opportunity to share too! Just remember, it is never too late to know God and His Son, never. They know and love us perfectly. The Lord stands at the door and knocks to all of us, and He is always there...even in our darkest of hours and we feel like he is not there. We must hang on and pray to Him and let Him guide us through those dark hours, and He will if we feed our spirits by reading His Word, pray sincerely and try to follow the His commandments (just try), go to bed early and wake up early (or just get adequate sleep if you have to work late hours) to feel healthy and refreshed, thank Him every morning for all of the blessings He gives us, take care of our physical bodies by eating right and exercising, and keep busy at positive and wholesome activities (worshiping, learning, pondering, working, serving, enrichment activities and wholesome recreation)...and praying twice daily and repenting daily on our knees. Repentance is aided by service. It is a good thing to help someone, somehow, every day. It makes us feel good, but we must not neglect ourselves and we must not run faster than we have strength. In reality, He probably expects less of us than we do ourselves, especially when we have health problems. I really feel that is true. If everyone knew Him and His Son, they would love Them. God gave us our free agency and if we follow His commandments, we can keep it to the most degree. It has been said that spirituality is the consciousness of victory over self. I think that is true, and hope that we all can overcome our trials. Never quit trying....never, never, never. We need to do something relaxing, now and then, to feed our spirits and our physical bodies. Trying to do what is right is not stressful, I think, but the cares of the world are, some of the time. God never meant us to be hard on ourselves. Make sure you attend to several areas: 1. spiritual 2. physical 3. mental 4. social 5. emotional 6. financial. I hope that helps someone out there.

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