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Mon 24/12/12
12:34 pm
Fujairah, UAE


War. Why is it necessary? Why do the rulers of the world's country need to settle every dispute with a war of sorts? Is peace too much to ask for? Is it even plausible? What does war do, only to complicate things even more?

I write this blog topic in remembrance of all the Syrians who went out to protest a day in the past two and 3/4 years and did not return. And I write it in the hope of a the current regime being foiled and a new era being born before the dawn of the Syrian revolution's third anniversary.

This is also remembering the children caught in any war, even if not the Syrian, and how their childhoods vanished through the window of their once-home.

Signing off: Shahdia [last name confidential]

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Amy (amy_bookworm) | 504 comments If you would write a blog post more than once a day then you can here! It's a topic that' s completely yours (:

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Pirl (pirlismyname) You're allowed to post as many times a minute as you want. If you'd visit my blog, you'd get that there are no rules. You don't have to write about a specific topic. You don't even have to explain what you mean. You can write whatever's on your mind, share your writing, share links you want more people to see, or simply let out feelings that have built up in you. I like your writing so far.
Don't know if you're prejudice, but I'm Israeli. Just thought you should know.

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Amy (amy_bookworm) | 504 comments To be honest, I believe peace does happen. Just peace contains tension & tension will snap.
It doesn't always create war, but there is the potential for it to be. So I don't believe world peace will happen, but peace? In doses. In places. At times.

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Amy (amy_bookworm) | 504 comments You said you were 10. Lying?
I reckon that is only 2 thirds of your actual age. Maybe you are older than that though...

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Amy (amy_bookworm) | 504 comments Because I know 15-year old people that are more immature, have worse vocabularies, aren't as responsible etc.
Basically. I don't know any 10yo's like you :P

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Amy (amy_bookworm) | 504 comments For a ten-year old, you don't think you're mature? Wwhhhhaaaaat?

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Mon 24/12/12
14:03 pm
Fujairah, UAE

A Rant on Reviews

Don't you just abominate it when you spend a lot of time on a piece of writing- whether a short story, poem, novel chapter or even RP character-and no-one comments on it? My rants, I say, will tend to be more polite than the average rant. Like this one. Could someone take a few minutes to read what I have so far in my novel, The Tomb of Ra? A link can be found in the 'Chat. Rant. Talk.' or whatever topic!

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Amy (amy_bookworm) | 504 comments I will Shahdia in a bit... When I've woken up a little more. I might eat. Not your novel, I mean- food.

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Pirl (pirlismyname) I'd love to take a moment to do so. But I don't have any time!
(When I was on earlier today I was at school during break.)
You need to remember that even if somebody reads something, it doesn't mean they have much to say. Of course, if your writing sucks, you don't want to get reviews that just say "it sucks", right? And sometimes that's all people have to say. Also not everybody has time.

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Pirl (pirlismyname) Yeah well I've advertised my stories for over a year now and I have a similar amount of followers. It's not much of a mystery - if you're popular you stay that way, if you're not you stay that way.

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Barbara (bkbsmiles) | 461 comments I just noticed this blog. Welcome, Shahdia! Peace to you!

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