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Minerva ?

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Rachel Jackson Minerva Paradizo....hasn't been mentioned since the lost colony do you still think she will a part of Artemis' life?
Who do prefer as a love Interest for Artemis? Holly or Minerva?
What about for holly? Artemis or Trouble?

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C I prefer Artemis and Minerva. I ship them. I don't like Holly and Artemis. It just seems SO WRONG. It's just my opinion anyway. Hahaha. :))))

Tirzah Aw, I must confess I ship Artemis and Holly! Remember when he tells Holly he was a broken boy and she fixed him? So sweet! I feel Holly would be a better partner because she would keep him in check and complement him. Minerva is too similar to Artemis...they'd be competing with each other all the time!:)

As far as Minerva being in Artemis's life...who knows? I can't see why they would cross paths again unless they have a mutual quest like their finding No. 1.

Rachel Jackson Remember at the end of the lost colony Butler said that Minerva used to visit him when Artemis was in limbo. And that she was eager to meet him. After reading that I assumed she would be more books.

Madison Minerva would be a more reasonable choice here, and with there combinded intellect they could conduct intellegent conversations with eachother. (In the Lost Colony Artemsi and Minerva talked about how they don't get to talk intellegentlly with people) Not to mention that Holly is 80+ years old and Artemis is 15-16 years old.
Though I concure with Tirzah on the quote: I was a broken boy, Holly, and you fixed me. Holly has done a lot for Artemis and his family. Holly helped: bring his mom back to sanity, bring his dad back, healed Bulter after he was attacked by a troll, and shot by Arno Blunt, along with save the world countless times (with Artemis).

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Mike i think holly would be way better i maen look artemis brain,s and holly bravery awesome together

Ella I think Artemis would go better with Minerva, because they would challenge each other, and bring each other to new heights. Artemis and Holly would be a weird combination: human and fairy! There's something wrong with that!

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I'm torn between the two pairings! I like both!

Yutg I like Artemis/Minerva I think the author hinted that there would be more of her but I don't think thats gonna happen.

I they are two much I like the most their dates gonna happen is a complex game chess. With Holly exciting and unpredictable.

Chrystal Holly would be best for Artemis because he and Minerva would just compete and Holly has always kept him in check. If he got to out of line Holly would just beat him up and Butler wouldn't stop her I'd have to admit it would be funny and good for him.

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