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Maeve Binchy fans needed! Can you tell me which of her books have some common characters?

I want to pick 4-5 of her earliest books to read this winter, including Light a Penny Candle (new to me) and Evening Class (my first and favorite). I think it would be nice to read a quick update on a favorite character from a previous book. In the past I read her books far apart from one another, so even if I recognized a familiar name, I couldn't remember much about them. That's why I plan to read many back to back. I could use a heavy dose of Binchy right now as an antidote to all the stress in my life.

If you're aware of a list somewhere, could you post it or post a link? I'd be very grateful!

There is a website called Fantastic Fiction which I use nearly every day. You type in the Author and it lists all their works chronologically and lists what is in what series etc. That may be worth trying.

Firefly Summer is a good book. the characters in her books seem to be linked, also Minding Frankie has some of the characters. Tara Road, there is the latest one I can't recall the name of it. Usually if you look in the dust jacket the flap that is covering the book you get a synopsis of the book. That should help somewhat.

I have read every book by this author. Light A Penny candle will always remain my favorite. Characters from Evening Class appear in Scarlett Feather, Quentins, Night of Rain and Stars. Whitethorn woods also has repetitive characters with heart and soul and minding frankie. Circle of Friends, Glass Lake, Cooper Beech and FireFly Summer are all stand alones but are great. she is an amazing writer

evening class characters are repeted in Quentins and Scarlett feather

Since you liked Evening Class, I know that some of those characters appear in Scarlet Feather, Quentins, and Tara Road. You will love this series of novels. I've also listened to Cooper Beach an CD and liked it tremendously. I believe that book has characters that populate other novels too. The author's wikipedia site can give you those titles, (including Evening Class) although I haven't personally read them.

Penny I think you may mean Copper Beech, Tina!
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