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message 1: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Very famous museum with some of the most expensive things around town

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Jojo casually walked into the museum and smirked as she saw what she wanted..a diamond necklace..she walked up to the display case as she observed it biting her lip softly I could try and talk it out with the owner..i have enough money to buy it...but where the fun in that she thought to herself she tapped her finger against her ruby red lips as she kept was still day time but there wasnt many people here..but she didnt want to risk it..she sighed as she shifted her weight onto her right foot she blended in like everyone else she just looked like a regular girl looking at a very expensive necklace..though her outfit didnt blend into the museum so well. She was wearing black ripped skinny jeans and a tee shirt that was slightly ripped and was white with a blue spine coming down the center of it the shirt only showing parts of her bare skin she also wore black heels and a black leather jacket as her hair was cascading down her back and shoulders her thunderstorm grey eyes focusing on the object she so badly wanted

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Jojo sighed Screw it.. she thought as she looked around then yelled "Oh my god someone in the bone section is trying to steal something! " she yelled as everyone gasped and ran to the bone section and Jojo laughed "So easy " she said as she got out a sharp glass cutter and made a circle around the glass and caught it before it fell to the ground. She softly put it down and pulled the necklace out and let out a chuckle "This is just beautiful indeed " she said in her slight british accent as she put the necklace in her bag then walked out of the museum no body knowing right now that the diamond necklace was gone

message 4: by Moshira (new)

Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments "God, that was so obvious don't you think? You'll be the first person to look for. You called attention to yourself. Not so smart." EJ was standing with her back to a wall in the corner, observing. How can someone be so reckless?! " But is it just me or are you actually looking for trouble?" Well this was worth skipping school today. A spoiled rich girl stealing a necklace in public daylight and calling attention to herself...

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Jojo smirked crossing her arms..god she hated annoying brats much like this one here.. she turned to the girl "No..they wont think it would be me first my see i am verrry good at things like how about you hope your little smart ass attitude to school " She snapped right back she didnt seem hurt at all by what the girls words were..hell she didnt even was her opinion.

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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments " Ahh self confidence, too much of it and it's a recipe for disaster" She said chuckling. "Smart ass attitude? well that's a first, ive been called much worse though, was that you trying to scare me off? I hope not as it would be shameful attempt"

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Jojo just sighed shaking her head "You know what i REALLY you are just a small little bitch who doesnt know how to keep her mouth shut! " she smirked "I wont get caught because of this " she held up a clear piece of a thin material "This! Has a mans finger print on it that isnt see now his finger prints are all over that glass case over there not simply he will be caught..and even if i did get caught i have enough money to get me out..hey i did that last time" she looked at her black nails and smiled "So before you try saying anything else why dont you just turn on your filter and think before you speak cause darlin i dont feel like dealing with a bitch right now"

message 8: by Moshira (new)

Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments " Yup, that was an attempt to scare me off" EJ, liked the girl. Well no actually she hated her but she's gotta admit, at least she didn't turn around and walked away. Some action, god she missed that, people are so often scared of her they just mutter under their breath and walk away, or maybe not she was usually too high or drunk to remember. "But again, you fail to scare me off. You see, I am a bitch, one that got you on camera as well, so yea you're right guess i'll head back to school. It's EJ btw and you're more than welcome to try and kill me" she gave her a wicked smile and started towards the exit.

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"Oh Darlin trust me i will..but first i want that camera " she smirked "I wont have some little girl tell me off to the police " Her british accent thick now " And i was not trying to scare you off..i dont waste my time with please hand the camera over..i dont feel like using my gun right now or getting my bowie knife bloody right now " she walked to the exit and blocked the girls way holding her hand out for the camera

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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments " Well that would be just drastic right, couple of chicks aiming their guns or shooting their knives?" EJ was actually enjoying the threat, she wasn't shaken, not even provoked. "Lesson one, never under estimate your opponent, but who am i to tell you? I'm just a little kid. Ironically though, you don'y look that older, if older at all" She was talking calmly, she had no intention to tell off on that sadistic girl. She was teasing her, and enjoying every second.

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"I am the same age as you probably but i am more mature then you are in some states " she spoke calmly as she sighed pulling out her gun backing the girl against the wall she then pulled out her other gun one was pressing against her chest and the other against her belly pinning her "Now..give me the camera please.." she asked again in the same calm tone

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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments "Well i would, if i had one." That confused the girl a bit, gave her enough time to pull out her knife and press it against her cheek. "See, a gun would kill immediately, but a knife can buy you time and time is all i need"

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Pebbles | 88 comments Alexander walked inside and stood by a door and saw a few nice necklaces he could sell he held lock picking tools in his hand so that nobody could see them

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Jojo narrowed her eyes then jammed the gun hard in her gut pulling back " Fine go ahead i really dont have time to deal with your bitchy-ness i have more things i need to 'borrow' " she said walking back into the museum "Go back to school kid! " she called to the girl before she dissapeared in the art

message 15: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments Alexander walked into the art area and saw jojo and said a friendly hello and walked off he took out his phone and took a few pictures of art looking like a tourist

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Jojo said a simple hello back as she slipped the necklace she just stole into her pocket as she walked over to a very beautiful piece of art she then shaked her head to herself thinking her eyes then looked over at Alexander..she had a feeling he wasnt just a tourist..but she ignored the feeling and walked off to the jewel area

message 17: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments When she left and was alone he knocked a guard out making sure that he was off camera of you looked at the right area you could see his boots being dragged out of View he put on the guards clothes and walked past her again flashing a smile at her

message 18: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 28, 2012 05:05PM) (new)

Jojo smirked and slipped up past him walking with him "Mm so my thoughts about you are arent just a tourist " she said with a smile though she knew to keep her voice down just in case any snoops were around

message 19: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled "no and you aren't a pretty face "he said I'm his Irish accent teaseing her he walked up to a door and pulled out a key card and opened a door "you can help if you like I will tell you my plan inside "he smiled holding the door open

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

When he said the first part her heel landed on his foot then she smirked "Im older then you darlin ever heard of respect..and sure il join " she said stepping inside

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Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled and laughed a bit and was glad he had steel toe boots "alrighty then my plan is when the museum closes in a few minutes I will pose as a guard who will transport jewels from there display to a safe out back I need you to pose as a clumsy tourist and knocks over the cart and replaces the jewelry boxes with these boxes of rocks then I will lock everything up in the safe while you walk out with $25,000,000 in jewelry and meet me at the the pizza place on the corner where we will eat pizza and ice-cream" he hands her two small boxes

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"Pizza and ice cream?" She had to giggle softly at that "Havent had that since i was fifteen maybe sixteen years old but sure sounds like a plan " She said her british accent thick on ever word as she took the boxes

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Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled and nods "ok well we should have some soon so mam I need you to exit the museum its closing time" he said smirking

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

"Mhm " She said slipping away but not outside as she waited for him to start moving the jewels as she waited she put her new necklace around her neck then fixed her hair to cover part of it

message 25: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled and got a cart and started puting boxes of jewels on it they were the same boxes she had he went to the front area and winked at her slowly pushing the cart

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Jojo smirked then walked out and past the cart put made her heel go under it tipping it over dropping her box as well her eyes landed on the camera once then looked at the 'gaurd' "Oh im sorry i am clumsy sometimes " she quickly picked up the jewel box

message 27: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He frowned "its ok things happen"he said and put the boxes back and made sure that he had the boxes of rocks on the cart he pushed the cart outside and put the jewels in an underground safe and walked back outside taking off his uniform and was now in regular clothes he walked to the pizza place and waited for her

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

She had trouble finding the place but found it walking in and saw him walking to him putting the box in his hands looking around then back at him " There you go all yours "

message 29: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled and gave her one of two boxes "no you take your cut of the spoils "he said in his Irish accent and some pizza came

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

She shaked her head giving it back then tapped her necklace "No sir its quite fine i already have something that i wanted " she said in her British accent

message 31: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled and took the boxes "thank you but at least enjoy some pizza on me" he asked

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

She bit her lip then sighed nodding softly "Sure then by the way never got your Josie but please call me Jojo"

message 33: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled "I am Alexander and its nice to meet you Jojo " he said before he started eating

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

She smiled and ate some pizza too "So how long have you been into the crime world hmm?" she asked with a smile

message 35: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled "sense I was 8 years old" he said taking another bite "you" he asked

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

"Since i was hmm fourteen then i joined the lift at sixteen " she smiled setting her pizza down wiping her lips "I supose you dont know what that is right? You are what..fifteen?" she asked

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Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled "oh I am a part of them I joined a few months ago" he said

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

"Cool..i have been with them since i was sixteen now im eighteen " she said softly

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Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled and the ice cream came "so what's your past" he asked

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

"Nothing much..born to rich family got everything i wanted when i turned sixteen joined lifted..been livin in my mansion ever since with my animals kinda lonely " she sighed softly

message 41: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He frowned "I am sorry about that "he said

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

"Dont be..i have big parties sometimes but its okay..i get lonely but thats not the end of the world..maybe you can stop by sometime..unless you are afraid of dogs or snakes " she giggled softly really the first time she had giggled in a while it was a very cute and soft giggle

message 43: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled "no I have a few pets myself a dog and 4 chickens "he said blushing at the chickens part

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

She giggled again "Aww cute..i have A adult female German shepherd she has three puppies a lil bulldog puppy and a boa snake there names are the german sherpherd is Susie her kids names are Rosie, Rascal, and Bandit..the bulldog puppy name is Sam and the boa name is Otis..sadly my male Shepherd died cause he got hit by a car " she said but she still smiled softly

message 45: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled "cool and sorry and I have a female great dane who thinks the chickens are her pups" he said rolling his eyes playfully

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

She laughed softly "Aw so cute " she smiled

message 47: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He smiled and blushed he pulled out his phone and showed her a few pics "hay can I get the name of a good fence mine got arrested " be said

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

She rasied her eyebrow at his question then saw his blush and giggled softly

message 49: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments He looked at her "um do you keep the things you 'earn'" he asked her

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

"Some..i sell some and keep some..Why do you ask darlin?" She asked with a smile

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