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Si took her pet arctic wolf brownie out for a walk. None of her friends were afraid of it- he was tamed enough not to kill them but if he saw anything fishy he will get alert then and there ready to kill. Si saw from a distance there was hardly anyone and this was good for brownie. She sat in the corner reading a book while he chased some birds. He looked very cute doing that.

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Si was too busy in her book- KIll BUT NO GUILT. She didnt seam to notice anything around. Brownie was now trying to close water sprinklers with his paws. He looked at Tylor and immediately sensed that he meant no harm so Brownie went back to his work.

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Si felt awkward being around her all-time crush. She wished she had same courage around the boy as she has in trainings and fights. She wondered what is easier- talking with the boy or fighting

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Si looked over and blushed s seeing tyler and stammered out the words, "No, join me."

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Si blushed as tyler sat besides her, "Thanks. His name is brownie, named after my favourite dessert."

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Si was smiling, "I know. I have seen him with you. He looks good. I never knew his name though." Yeah. I saw him whenever i was dreamingly looking at you.

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Selene laughed with him while closing her book. She replied, "Yeah. We know each others' pets but we dont knew each other, do we?" Excellent. I indirectly asked him for a date. Hope he doesnt notice. Omg...Omg...I finally asked.

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Si was surprised by what she just heard but nodded, "What is you cabin number tyler?'

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"Oh really? I live just next to you then. Mine is 4. You too drop by someday."

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Si replied though she didnt really think over it, "I dont know...whenever you are ok. Like ill be free most of the day so you can see me anytime."

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Si looked over her pet. He was soo good looking, so was Anitonio. So was Tyler. But no comparision. She would prefer Tyler over all of them. She thought over it and said, "We can talk in your cabin right now."

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Jane walked around the park, then sat on a bench, she took a deep breath then started singing, 'I won't give up' by Jason Mraz

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Selene giggled and got up. She took his arm and wrapped her hands around them. She said, "Walk with me Tyler." She soon turned red in face. Brownie started following her.

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Hannah | 33 comments " i love that song!" Cleo said to Jane.

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She looked at Cleo 'Thabk you...' She smiled

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Hannah | 33 comments " no prob, im Cleo" she said smiling.

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'Jane' she said

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She smiled think of after so long wait she finally achieved what she always desired..

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Claire strolled through the park

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