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Alyssa smiled "what are you going to order?" She asked

((I could have sworn I'd replied to this))

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She laughed "I think I'll get a soup" she said.

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"Can I get a lemonade and soup" she asked with a smile.

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She laughed "seems so" she said.

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She grinned.

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"Australia" she said.

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"How about you" she smiled.

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She laughed "yeah you kinda can" she said.

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((Its ok))

"Why? I think British accents are hot" she said her eyes widened from what she had just said.

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She laughed "I don't think so" she said smiling.

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"Yeah right" she chuckled.

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"I don't believe you" she lifted her chin cheekily.

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"I still don't believe you" she poked her tongue out.

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She grinned and giggled "I will" she said.

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