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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white)'re alone wondering these dark roads, yet again, Leah thought to herself. The wind whipped through the alleys and to the road she ventured down. Her nerves weren't on edge just yet, but her thoughts were all over the place. How had she managed to be alone again while walking these roads?! 

Damn her lack of patiences. Sure, had she of waited another hour, her cousin Nathan, would have eventually came and walked her home. But the boy was incapable of using a clock or getting his head out of his girlfriend's butt long enough to do what he was asked. 

Regardless the reason, Leah was by herself as her parents specifically demanded she not be. How over protective they were--or was it actually "how untrusting they were"? Leah figured a mixture of the two at this point. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) A loud sound deep in one of the Alley's Leah passed caused her heart to sink slightly, but it seemed to just be a small group of teens...though that wasn't a plus considering the gang like look to them. Leah held her breath as she walked past, hoping they wouldn't pay attention enough to notice her. She wasn't in the mode to fight anyone right now--especially a group of four or more. And that one seemed to be around five people. She let out a sigh of relief she she made it past the alley way, but her relief was released all to soon. She could hear footsteps moving down the alley and towards the road she walked down. 

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 20 comments Jace was on the other side of the street, not really looking anywhere around her. She was picking at her nails.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Leah dug her hand into her back pocket and pulled out her switchblade, keeping it hidden in her hand with her long sleeve draping over it enough to keep it concealed. Her trained eyes darted around quickly to take in her surroundings when she saw another girl. She should probably warn her... But, a little nasty side of her whispered better her than you. She felt slightly sick at the thought, but debated the truth behind it. 

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 20 comments Jace felt the cool breeze of the streets whip slightly through her hair. She could hear other people across the street. Jace had already identified that without looking up. She gave off a relaxed, ignorant look but she really was alert and ready for any sudden movements, as her knife was in her boot.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Leah let out a small sigh and threw the girl warning. "Hey, there's some guys coming that seem shady," she told her quietly, feeling better about herself for mentioning it.  

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 20 comments "Yes, I know. Well, we're pretty shady ourselves." Jace answered quietly, barely glancing behind her to the teenage boys.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) ((heads up, Leah just moved to ny recently and isn't in lifted yet.))

Leah somewhat thought the girl's words over. How did she know Leah had her shady side? "I guess," she told her blankly while not bothering to press further. "Just figured I'd give you a heads up. But, since you're well aware, I suppose it was a waste of time and breath." She let her gaze fall back before her and her steps keep pace so she could hopefully make it to one of the more lit up places down the street. She believed there was maybe a book store or grocery store not to far ahead that she could dip into for a few minutes. 

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 20 comments ((Yeah, I know ^_^))

Jace looked back again then looked at her watch. "Crap." She muttered, wondering if the teenage boys were possibly drunk for being out so late.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) ((just makin sure :).))

Well, Leah was wrong, it wasn't a bookstore. It was a bar. Now, which is worse? A bar with adults hopefully in there to make sure she was safe but others who are drunk, or a street with dangerous lookin boys quite possibly drunk or drug induced? 

Bar. She turned into the bar and didnt hesitate to get lost in the people to ensure if the guys came in there. 

((to the bar for Leah!))

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 20 comments ((Don't mind if I follow!))

Jace followed her, not wanting to get caught up with those guys.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) ((not at all :).))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Leah corked her brow to the guy (Illium) at his mention of her weapon. She slightly smiled and let her facial expression go to casual. "Don't worry, I can get to it plenty quick enough," she assured the man. She wasn't sure if she should be worried more so at the guy's observing nature or not. Well, she generally noticed things like that, but she had a trained eye. Did he have one as well? Was he into a similar sort of hobby she was? 

((oh!! Okay lol. I don't speak itailin :(. I took Spanish haha))

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Illium looks down at her and nods briskly, his gaze travels over her, memorising every detail. He had always had a talent for noticing things, for lookinga at the word differently to others, but thats not why he wanted to look at the girl, 'What is your name? he asks in his deep voice.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Leah grinned a bit when she saw his eyes glance over her. Then her smile vanished. Him examining her could be a tell tale sign of him wanting her in a sickly way. "Leah," she introduced. "But, I'll keep my last name a mystery," she continued as she looked from him. "And your name?" 

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments (sorry notifications are shite;)

'You can call me Blue' says Illium, he looks straight at her face, he notices her look of reaproach and immediately knows what she must be thinking 'dont panic, im the last person you need to be worried about in that respect, if i want you like that then i would tell you' he says, the dangerous smile is back.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Since when did you become such a readable book, Leah wondered as they walked. She looked from him, but still smiled a bit. "Because having a warning makes it all that much better," she joked, daring a glance back to the guy. 

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments 'that's assuming you would be against the idea' says Illium, he smiles slowly and turns to her, he strokes along her jaw with the back of his had and the laughs slightly, 'I would never, you seem such a nice girl' after a pause he whispers close to he ear 'I wouldn't want to break you'. Illium steps back and begins to lead her away again.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments ((sorry im in england it's 3 in the morning for us)) x

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Leah smirked at his first comment, but her smirk fell when the his hand brushed against her cheek, her getting slightly mesmerized by his eyes, his voice, and his touch in general. Oh, and then there was the warmth of his breath against her ear and neck when he leaned in and whispered the last bit of his words. How had she lost her quick, witted tongue during that exchange? She looked after him dazedly for a moment before shaking off her daze state and following, a cocky smile stretching over her lips. "Sweetie, it would be very difficult for you to break me," she said with certainty, even if she wasn't certain of her words herself. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) ((oh, it's all good lol. I was up till 3 this past night haha. It's only 9:30 here :). Just let me know when u get off ^_^))

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Illium looks back over at Leah, 'be careful Leah, I might take that as a personal challenge, and I take those incredibly seriously' he says; his eyes look into her and reach into her soul, he looks for the pain of her past and finds much of it.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) "As do I," she added as he gazed intently into her eyes and as she returned his stares. "And I'd take it as a challenge of my own to keep you from doing such a thing," she added. But, she decided that in case she was at risk of losing the challenge, she spoke again. "What route are we taking again?" 

((Kay :). Night night!))

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments 'The four star way Belissa, keep up yeah, im not your babysitter' says Illium, he sends a slight smirk in her direction and then walks swiftly forward gesturing for her to keep up. Illium leads Leah down the street and then he crosses over to a permanently dark alley way. Half way down the alley Illium stops at a battered up door in the old brick building, he knocks on it with the back of his hand four times and says deeply 'sidera', his mixture of italian and Irish accent make the word sound even more foreign. A few moments after he says the words the concrete floor in front of them slides open to reveal a hole, just big enough to climb through. Illium looks at Leah and winks, 'come on then belissa, lets get going'.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Leah had did as Blue--as he said to call him--had told her and picked up pace. When they stopped outside of the battered door, Leah was a bit skeptical. However, her eyes widened  slightly when the concert moved to reveal a secret way. She slowly walked to the hole and peered down into the depths of it. "Alright then," she said with a small shrug as she started to follow the italian sounding guy down into the once concealed passageway. 

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments They walk down a slope into a dimly lite corridor, the concrete closes over their heads. Illium turns to Leah and says 'Follow me Belissa Leah and try not to cause trouble, not unless you can handle it,' he looks away, after a pause he turns back to Leah and strokes a thumb over her cheek, 'i won't let anything bad happen to you alright'.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Oddly enough, he seemed sweet under the harder outer coat he wore. Leah raised her hand to his and lightly took it from her cheek, a half cocked smile coming to her lips as she lowered the both of their hands. "Thank you, but I'd warn you not to let your guard down either. Not each pretty face acts lady like," she told him, still smiling though. 

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments 'Never liked ladies all that much anyway, give me a waman who can swing a punch anyday' says Illium with a wink, he starts to lead Leah down the corridor, some of the blue lights flicker. Illium hopes Merlin isn't down here, the last thing they both needed was that arsehole getting pissy.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) At his words, Leah couldn't resist a small smirk. She could plenty well deliver a punch. But, she'd let him figure that out himself rather than trying to brag. Keeping close to him, she followed, taking in the underground passage. It was odd to her that such a place existed in NY. But hey, the world is full of surprises. "Where does this come out at?" she asked after a while of travel. 

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Rose (dottedlines) Britain wandered the streets aimlessly. It was one of those days where she was so bored, she'd do just about anything. "It's so cold." she mumbled to herself, mentally thumping her forehead for forgetting to bring a jacket. This morning had been a haze. She had jumped out of bed only to find that a loose nail in the floorboards had pierced her foot. After taking care of that painful situation, she had limped into the kitchen, aiming to find cereal. Of course, she hadn't gone grocery shopping in a week so it was a challenge to find anything edible. She had managed to scrounge a bowlful of Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops and Honey Nut Cheerios before discovering that the milk had gone sour. Which would've been fine; Britain would've just eaten the cereal alone. She didn't even like milk that much. But she had already poured the spoiled milk into the cereal so evidently, it was all garbage. Breakfast was a gronala bar she had found in her robe pocket. Yum. Then, the weather man had predicted it would be a nice 70 degrees today so Britain had dressed in appropriate ripped to an unrecognizable stage white skinny jeans, her favorite Rolling Stones tee and her combat boots. That was a mistake. The channel 7 weather man was never correct. Instead of a warm spring day, it had turned out to be a chilly winter feeling kind of day. Great. And now here she was, walking to the deli on the corner of forty second, going to buy her day's meal. Oh yeah, she was living the dream.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments Savannah wrote: "At his words, Leah couldn't resist a small smirk. She could plenty well deliver a punch. But, she'd let him figure that out himself rather than trying to brag. Keeping close to him, she followed, t..."

Illium doesn't answer Leah, after a few minutes the corridor opens up into a massive cave-like room, the walls are covered in dark black material but bits of rock still show through in places, bright blue lights are all over the walls, it looks like a man made version of the sky at night. Illium had always disliked it, the fakeness of it all, and because the night sky was one of his favourite sights when he is out of the city, which isn't often. You can't be a renowned, feared and infamous criminal in the countryside, especially not if you are part of Lifted. Down below on the floor of the room there are dark wooden tables set up and people, dangerous people, are sitting at them, some paying cards, others planning thier next job, and some planning things that...well things no self-respecting criminal would want to be part of, this was the darker side to being a professional criminal. There is a winding black mental staircase that leads down to the floor of the room. Illium turns to Leah and pulls her clos to him, he whispers firmly in her ear 'stay close to me, dont make eye contact, dont speak, dont look interesting OR interestedm it would help if were less...' he looks her up and down again, he shakes of the thought 'just don't pull any attention to yourself, they should be more interested in me, but you being with me will most likely be enough for them' he pulls on her hand, he smoothes his thumb over her knuckles for a moment then lets go, he heads for the stairs not waiting for her to follow.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Generally, Leah would have been good at following such simple instructions, but it wasnt easy this time. She had been in plenty shady places like this back in the day. So, she wasn't ignorant to the fact these were hardened criminals. Her eyes would very carefully dart to a few faces, recognizing one or two from america's most wanted. Her parents used to watch it with her a few years ago. 

But, she kept her pace and didn't make eye-contact. She got to the stairs only a second or two behind the boy she followed. She'd ask a few questions later, but right now she would keep her mouth shut. 

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments Illium leads Leah down the spiralling staircase, he checks once out of the corner of his eye to see if she is close to him and following his instructions. They are half way across the room to the exit at the other side of the cave-like room, a massive hole in the wall. But then a man stands up from his table, a pale skinned man with hulking biceps and a big dragon tattoo on his arm, but it's the man next to him that makes Illium's jaw tighten, this man is only 21 years old, but he looks older because of the scar covering half his face, otherwise he would be considered incredibly handsome with high cheekbones like Illium, tanned skin and slightly curled golden hair. This man's mouth twists into a sardonic smile, his eyes however are cold as ice. Illium's expression turns to steele, this man's name is Merlin Trick, the man who recruited Illium...and who tried to kill him when he stole Merlin's possition within the Lifted. Merlin says in his british accented voice 'Blue, our little blue is back, how was your trip to...where was it...London, im trusting you succeeded, the bank in London don't seem to know what hit them i hear on the news' Merlin's voice is hard but he smiles as he strides towards Illium. Illium says equally deadpan but with a definite edge 'We did rather well, yes', Merlin's face tightens, he'd alway's hated how calm Illium could be, how not threatened he was. Merlin seems to shake it off and laughs, but without much humour, 'Of course you would, the Lifted's best ever recruit, natural to the job, the one who never fails'. Illium says nothing, his jaw tightens, it would be foolish to bait Merlin, but he can't resist saying 'Yes, they are rather fond of me, but i think they just needed new blood, get rid of the old...the ones who do fail'.

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Pebbles | 88 comments Alexander walked through the streets looking are houses to rob and to make some quick cash

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) BridieJ*mentaltastic*dragon-Ducks are EVIL ;) x wrote: "Illium leads Leah down the spiralling staircase, he checks once out of the corner of his eye to check she is close to him and following his instructions. They are half way across the room to the ex..."

Leah thought they had made it through the room without any trouble, only to have that reality shattered when a big, bulky man stood up followed by one who could kill with his cold eyes. She took in the man's scarred face and hatred towards blue. 

But what spiked her interest most was the part about banks. Blue was a thief? Leah could have guessed that in the long run, but now it was concrete. And this thing they called "Lifted"...what was it? 

She felt the almost need to speak up, get her words out there.  But, she knew it best not to. Instead, she did something probably just as bad. She examined this guy. He seemed dangerous in the worst of ways. But, for whatever messed up reason, Leah didn't exactly hate or flee from dangerous. 

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments Illium see's Leah take in Merlin, he tenses as Merlin's gaze flickers to her, he smiles, a deadly smile and Illium knows whats coming. Merlin says to Leah but his eyes keep going back to Illium, 'Oh, christ, you've got a new bit of entertainment, does she know what you are?, who you are?, how...dangerous you are Blue', Merlin reaches out to touch Leah. Illium's fists tighten, he steps closer to Leah and knocks Merlin's hand away. Illium says with a definite rock hard edge 'Don't EVER touch her', his position in front of her is protective 'she's with me, you screw with her then i will kill you' Illium looks out over the room of criminals, all watching the show with interest, 'that goes for all of you, the girl is off limits' he says dominantly. Illium was using his serious dangerous voice,one everyone knew not to mess with. Illium was not the good guy, not the hero, he is a criminal, very talented one, which meant a very dangerous one. Merlin's smile gets bigger, he says 'little girl's got mixed in with the big boys and she just happens to pick the baddest of them all by accident', Illium hard gaze doesn't waver.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Leah couldn't almost believe how drastic things had changed within the room. Eyes weren't on them now they all were. Blue hadn't been as...deadly sounding only a second ago and now he was practically threatening everyone. Oddly enough, the thing that shocked her most was his protection of her. Did he just feel obligated to protect her since he brought her down there? 

At the scarred faced man's words, Leah slightly sighed and said very low, mainly to herself, "Seems to be a common thing for me." Which was fully true seeing as last time it was a head mobster's son. That was the reason they even moved to NY. They had to escape because they had been attacked by some of her ex's enemies. 

She wasnt sure if her words had been heard at all. But, she figured this exchange had advanced as far as it would. Or maybe she was wrong. After all, there could always be a fight break loose, though she wasn't sure if things would get to that level. 

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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments Kio was lost in thought, he'll be moving in with EJ next week and so he'll be responsible keeping her alive, and with someone with a death wish is almost impossible. He just dropped her home wasted and lord knows if he'll ever see her sober. As he enters the cave room of the Lifted he snaps out of his thoughts, the room is quiet. Way too quiet. That means one of two things, either the police has discovered the place or, his eyes adjust to the dimness of the place and Oh. Merlin and Illium. Well of course. As he gets closer to the scene he recognizes the girl from the bar. Oh Illium you're such an idiot. Merlin notices Kio entering and breaks his stare to look at him " Oh hey join the party COWARD" Kio's jaw tightens, Merlin has told Kio to go to London with Illium for the bank's job but he refused to, he could't leave his little sister alone with their drunk father.
He looks to Illium and tells him under his breath " Take the girl and leave, as fast as possible, he'll be distracted by tormenting me. I was gonna get my ass kicked about this job anyway, better get any use of it then. It's either that, or you recruit her here and now and let her stand being one of us. Your call."

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments Illium turns slightly to look at Kio, he still stands protectively in front of Leah. Illium says 'Kio, back off of this, you know what Merlin's like, you know how much he hates me for what happened, i'm YOUR boss remember, i won't let him beat up one of mine', Illiums dark and steely gaze returns to Merlin, 'I mean it Merlin, leave the girl alone, and Kio, he's not really a part of this and you know it'. Merlin laughs again without humour, 'oh but anyone connected to you is my buisness, i said i'd destroy you one day Blue, and everyone who matters to you', Illium muffles the almost growl that comes from his throat as Merlin clicks his fingers and three other hulking men stand up, Illium smirks, 'what? can't fight anymore Merlin? and you call Kio a coward', Illium moves closer to Kio and Leah. 'We're going' he gives Kio a pointed don't fuck up look 'NOW!', he pulls on Kio and Leah towards the exit, never taking his eyes off Merlin. Strangely Merlin does nothing, once they are almost out Merlin calls 'Not today Blue, but soon, so you better hide your new girlfriend and your coward friends well', Illiums jaw clenches but he says nothing and just carries on walking out.

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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments Kio doesn't push his luck. He'll get himself beaten by that mad, ego scared man someday, but thankfully, not today. He keeps walking till they're out of the room, then he stops. "You don't drag me like a little puppy in front of him like that. You don't drag me like that period okay? I don't care if you're my boss, but if i needed someone to humiliate me i could've brought my father." He was angry. Frustrated. It's not that Illium told him to do something, he's his boss he knows that. "You made me look weak. I didn't join the lifted to be called a coward. I am more than capable of standing up for himself. Thank you."

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments Illium doesn't show any emotion, he says 'Stop whinning Kio, that wasn't about you, Merlin would hurt you even if you were the freaking bravest man alive, he doesn't care. If you talk to me like that again I'LL beat the crap out of you, and trust IM the one you should be afraid of Kio, we're friends but that doesn't mean i won't kick your arse'.Illium's gaze is hard, he isn't angry at Kio, not really, he's frustrated. After a few tense moments Illium rolls his eyes, 'Fucking Merlin, the Lifted should have gotten rid of him a long time ago damn it', Illium slaos Kio's shoulder, not too hard, and says 'Don't go up against him without me Kio, the mans insane, he always was'. Illiums strange blue eyes flash with silver 'I dont think your a coward Kio, you know i don't, i would have had you out of the Lifted if i did'.

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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments Kio isn't easily provoked, he's not a violent person, just short tempered. " Breaking news, i'm not scared of any of you alright? Not you, not him and most defiantly not any other idiot of his. So I don't humiliate you, you don't step up unless i really need help and i don't care if you're my boss, this isn't a damn enterprise so i do and say what i want. I'm not crossing lines so don't provoke me to" With that he looks at the girl with Illium and says " hope you're ready for all of this" and storms up the stairs leading to the exit of the tunnel.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments Illium rolls his eyes at Kio's constant dramatics, 'dont be a little bitch about this Kio, i already saved your arse twice before, im not your damn babysitter, grow up' he calls after him. Kio should be afraid of Illium, and of Merlin, it's foolish of him not to be. Kio is going to get himself killed, Illium knows it and so does Merlin proabably, but that isn't Illium's main concern at the moment. Illium turns to Leahm he regards her seriously 'Your alright' he says.

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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments "Thanks for clearing that, i don't think i notice you saving my arse so often but you shouldn't be trying so hard with someone with a death wish buddy." He was almost out of the tunnel so he wasn't sure if Illium heard him. Anyway,he had more important matters on his mind than Illium going all control freak over things. The guy's his friend alright, but the whole protecting his people shit scenario can be so damn annoying at times. He gets out of the tunnel and gentle breath riffles through his hair,and the cave drama seems like days ago.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Leah didn't exactly know what to say towards everything. She had been oddly quiet through it all, unable to really get a word in, not that she wanted to considering it seemed the boys had drama of their own to settle. "Yeah, I know I am," she assured Blue. "But, I have plenty of questions," she said with a bit of curious tone as she looked around once again. P

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments Illium regards her carefully, he says 'what questions Leah? you don't want to know, not really', he keeps his gaze steady on hers. She isn't part of Lifted. Illium isn't the sharing type anyway.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) "Oh don't play stupid," Leah said simply. "You know exactly the questions I have. What is this place? Who were those guys? What's lifted? And so forth. You know each question I'd have about what all just happened." She smiled a mischievous smile and crossed her arms over her chest. 

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 37 comments Illium can't help the dangerous smirk that spreads over his face, 'This is a cave for professional criminals to use. Those blokes are NOT people you ever want to screw with and as for the rest it's none of your fucking buisness' he says. Illium starts to walk out of the cave that leads onto a deserted railway track. The city isn't far away.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Leah felt her teeth clinch tight together and her nails dug slightly into her crossed arms. For some reason, when a guy used the word fuck towards her in any manner, it caused her blood to boil. She watched him walk for awhile. Slowly she began to walk as well, but kept her distance by far, letting him get ahead by a ways. If he didn't want to tell her, then fine. She didnt need him to. She could guess it was a criminal group. With a little research around town, she could have all the knowledge she needed. Screw him. She'd find out on her own. 

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