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Jax was practicing his archery skills, he walked around quietly through the forest

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He saw Amanda and released his bow. The bow landed just above her head, he smiled

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He ran to get her 'Let go! I'll catch you I promise' he shouted to her

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'Im sorry! Please I'll catch you!' He shouted

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'Damn it! Just do it!' He shouted 'Or ill shot' he started to grab a an arrow

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He caught her easily, 'See I never fail my word' he put her down and smiled

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He smiled 'Sorry for before' he ran a hand through his hair

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He nodded 'Ill see you around' he chuckled and started to run through the forest

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He sighed, and found a herd of deer. He smiled to himself

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He looked back and laughed to himself then shot the deer his arrow after arrow

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He looked back and laughed to himself then shot the deer his arrow after arrow

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He smirked and started carrying the deer back home

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'Amanda! Mind helping me?' He shouted

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He smiled 'Yeah..we used to work together' he laughed

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He smirked 'Thanks'

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He laughed looking at her 'Not much of a talker?'

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He nodded 'Well I got you to talk'

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He sighed 'And I lost it' he smiled

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He smiled

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He quickly went to her aid and pulled her close to him 'Alright?'

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He chuckled 'It fine'

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He smiled and let go of her. He sighed

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He bit his lower lip and continued to walk

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He laughed quietly

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He shrugged 'So...we already have some food'

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He smiled 'Its for both of us' he laughed

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'Cause I'm nice that way' he chuckled

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'You dont eat meat?' Hr asked

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He nodded 'Right sorry'

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He smiled 'Lets eat!'

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He smiled and set the deer down, he sat down

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He sighed and looked at the deer

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He smirked and nodded 'Thank but I've done better'

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He smiled and began eating it slowly

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He looked at her 'Want anything?' He asked

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He smiled and continued eating

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He looked at her hand 'Careful dont want to get burned'

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He smiled

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' safe' he smiled

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Jane sat on a branch looking for prey

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She threw her axe causing it to land in front of Kyle. She looked at him furiously then her eyes soften

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She jumped down 'Thank god I missed' she muttered

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She looked at him 'Sorry..quick reaction' she said

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She took it her fingers brushed his hand when she did

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She blushed and looked away

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She looked at him smiling 'And you should be careful where you step' she joked

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She laughed 'But you stepped on the branch?'

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She smiled 'Why we were closer to my hearing range'

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 511 comments Raylin walked in and looked around for Katherine, assuming she'd be there after the advice that the master had told them the other day.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) "Looking for me?" Katherine laughed as she threw a knife to pin him to the wall. She raised her eyebrows. "Can't believe you didn't sense me. I was at the club."

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