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Jane picked up a spear from the shelf, she threw the spear, causing it to land on the wall, she groaned annoyed, and took out her axe that was on her back, she threw it at the target, landing right in the middle, she smirked

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She smirked and went to retrieve her axe, 'Well...should of called me' she joked and took her axe out, cleaning its tip, 'Axes are more my thing than spears, don't tell the masters' she laughed

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Jace walks in "sup" and picks up a spear.

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She smiled at Damion then looked at Jace, 'Nothing much' she threw her axe at the target again, making it go through the target, she laughed, 'Thank goddess it wasn't a person'

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Jace smiles "yeah" and throws his spear into another target getting a bulls eye.

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She laughed, running to retrieve her axe. She kissed its blade, and smiled

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Jace picks up another spear and throws it at the first one breaking the shaft of the first spear.

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She rolled her eyes and took his hatchet out, she threw it causing it to land in front of me, 'Your luck I didn't miss' she joked

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'Jane' she bowed sacrastically and laughed she looked at Jace 'What about you?' she asked smiling

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Jace smiles and turns "i'm Jace".

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She threw the axe right above Damion's head causing it to land on the wall, she laughed 'See ya'

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Jace smiles "bye" then picks up another spear.

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She turned to Jace 'Mind helping me?' she smiled and started climbing up to get the axe

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Jace smiles then runs over to Jane and jumps grabbing the axe and yanks it out dropping to the ground, "here" says Jace handing her the axe.

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SHe jumped down, 'Thanks' she wiped her axe and smiled

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"welcome" says Jace and picks up the spear he dropped "so, why not practice with spears?".

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She shrugged, 'Can't seem to throw it well' she shook her head, smirking

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Jace smiles and throws the spear into the nearest training dummy and impaling it threw the head "not that hard".

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'Says the one that can' she joked and put her axe back on her back

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Jace smiles "what, you can learn, can't you" says Jace using a fake offended tone.

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She laughed and picked up a spear

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Jace smiles "okay the trick is not to get distracted or anything, so focus on the target not me" says Jace in a sarcastic voice.

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She rolled her eyes and got ready to throw it, she narrowed her eyes on the target

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Jace smiles and picks up a spear while Jane was learning.


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She threw it, it landed on the wall again, she groaned

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Jace smiles "it's okay you'll get, sooner or later".

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She spun her axe in her hand annoyed with herself 'How am I gonna survive?'

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"you will" says Jace "trust me, wait no forget i said that, i'm that trust worthy if you think about it".

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She laughed, and pulled out another axe from her back, she smirked and spun them both in her hands.

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Jace steps back "whoa, little dangerous there".

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'Scared?' she smiled wickedly.

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"out of my mind" he says jokingly and throws the spear on the ground.

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She rolled her eyes and threw them at the target, deforming it, she batted her eyelashes at him and went to retrieve them

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"scary" says Jace jokingly and picks the spear back up.

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She smiled as she went to retrieve her axes.

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Jace turns to another target and throws it almost making a bulls eye.

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It almost hit her, she smirked, 'Trying to kill me already?' she joked

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"yep" says Jace in a sarcastic voice.

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She threw her axe above his head, 'Oops..missed' she smiled

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He smiles Then yanks it out of the wall and waves it teasingly above his head "thanks for the weapon" he joked

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She ran to get her weapon, 'Oi!' she laughed

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Jace smiles and holds it higher "cant reach it or can you?" he says smiling.

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She looked him, 'Yeah..blame the shorties' she joked and jumps to get it

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Jace smiles and lowers his arm so she can reach it "there you go, and being short isn't always bad".

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She sighed, 'It is when you need to retrieve your weapons'

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Jace smiles "i guess so but now do you wanna do?" asks Jace

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She smiled, 'Don't mind' she ran a hand through her hair.

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Jace smiles and says "knife throwing?"

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She smiled, 'Let's go...' she put her axes behind her back

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Jace follows Jane to the knife throwing room.

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