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Prefers fighting with sword

Excellent in archery and sword fighting.

He is a sweet fellow, bit idiotic around girls but really brave and loyal to his friends. He is ready to give up his life for his friends.

He is a dark-haired, pale skinned boy. He is tall and thin. He has a scar on his face which makes his beautiful face feel creepy. He has sea-green eyes like his father.

He had loving dad and mom who died in a car crash. He never mentioned them to anyone.

He met Selene and his master when he was on a run away from each and every person he knew when was chased by few cops who thought he was a criminal.

He has a pet hellhound which he found a day outside his cabin.

Dead family

He had a crush on Selene but never told her about this cause she said the she felt of him as an older brother. After she told him that he started to feel of her as a sister he too started feeling of her as sister. Crush OPEN

You dont want to mess with him. He MAY spare you if you are not worth trouble of killing. You also want to keep your belongings safe around you or you may never know if your water is now salty or your bed is covered with toothaste. In short, he is really mischievious

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First Name: Jax

Last Name: Sin

Nick Name: J

Preferred Name: Jax

Age: 17

Weapon(s): bow and arrow

Main Fighting Skill: archery

Personality:smart, funny, quick thinker, head strong

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: he is from a family that has a history of bad luck, he wants to prove that good luck can come

Pets: none

Family: look at history

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): open

Other: very quiet when hunting

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Ruth First Name: Alexander

Last Name: Jacobson

Nick Name: none

Preferred Name: Alex

Age: 18

Weapon(s): bow and knife

Main Fighting Skill: bow

Personality: he has a lot of anger stored up inside him that he typically keeps at bay, but sometimes he accidently lets it out. Most of the time he's pretty nice.


History: His dad is a master, but he's never really cared about Alex. His mom dissappeared when he was fourteen and nobody knows what happened to her.

Thoughts on Final Test: He hates it. He wishes that someone would start up a rebellion against the head people, but he knows that he's not influential enough to start one.

Pets: none

Family: His dad

Crush: open


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First Name:Jace

Last Name: Lightwood

Nick Name:

Preferred Name:

Age: 18

Weapon(s): Knives, bows, spears, and bow staff

Main Fighting Skill: fist to fist and knives

Personality: smart, charming, and kind

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: Secrets

Thoughts on Final Test: wish he could just get done with it

Pets: none
Family: All dead

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): Jane

Other: skilled in martial arts

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first Name: chase

last name: vrale

nickname: chase

preferred name: chase

Age: 17

weapon(s): Knives, bows and swords

main fighting skill: swords

Personality: (( i'll do tomorrow))

Appearance: description

history: unknown

thoughts on final test: he doesn't want to think about it much

pets: ((i'll do tomorrow))

family: father-john brother-jason

crush: jane

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Ruth :D yay!

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☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 511 comments First Name: Dash

Last Name: Raylin

Nick Name: DT

Preferred Name: Raylin

Age: 18

Weapons: Swordplay, his own two hands (Hand-to-Hand Combat)

Main Fighting Skill: If you're within his reach, you can pretty much kiss your life goodbye.

Personality: Told by his parents not to care about anything or anyone, he was raised with the mentality that no one was worth his time. He's a born fighter, determined killer, and though he can be a nice guy, he'd never get attached to anyone personally so as not to get hurt when they die.


History: His mother was a trainer, his father a Master. When they had a son, they were determined to make him like his father. When he was approved to be an apprentice, his parents were thrilled, and began work on making him the best. His mother didn't want to go too hard on him, though, and his father felt the only way to make him the best was to push him until he broke, then make him walk it off like it was nothing. His mother became bedridden when he was 10, and died within the year, leaving him numb inside, and at the wim of his father and trainer, whom his father had picked and told to be merciless. He's learned to ignore pain when it comes, and the only time he shows any emotion is when he's sure he's alone and is able to express himself through the violin his mother taught him to use.

Thoughts on Final Test: It's his destiny to win. If he doesn't, he wasn't good enough, and he deserves the death that is the reward for failing.

Pets: None.

Family: His father, though he sees little of him, due to him being a Master.

Crush: Open

Other: Not that I can think of.

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Zack (Myrddin767) | 75 comments First Name: Peter

Last Name:Mallenri

Nick Name:Ri

Preferred Name:Ri


Weapon(s):Daggers, Bow, poison

Main Fighting Skill: Stealth, Projectile weapons

Personality:Quiet, Secretive, hides the fact that he's really shy, and doesn't like hurting people, but understands that sometimes he has too.

Appearance (Please, no anime): 5'11", short dark brown hair, grey-blue eyes, a long scar running from the middle of the back of his neck to the lower right side of his back.

History:His parents died when he was 9, and when he was 11 he found out the his uncle, the one he trusted most, was only using him, training him to become his own personal killing tool. He poisoned his uncle, and has been training himself hard ever since so he doesn't need any ties or bonds to anyone else, to not have to feel hurt if they betray him again.

Thoughts on Final Test:An annoyance that must be dealt with, along with the the rest of the arrogant people he dislikes.

Pets: Inland Taipan, Feathered Tree Viper, Chinese bird Spider

Family:Parents dead, uncle dead, One little sister: Rose, One little brother: Harry. Both of them live off what Ri can bring back in terms of meat, but have their own garden for greens.

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one):Open

Other: Loves to garden, his garden is filled with herbs and other plants he uses to make his own poisons. He also uses the venom from his pets in his poisons. ((I used The way of the Shadows for inspiration for most of his skills, and The ranger's Apprentice for other skills.))His bow is normally in compact form, but can expand to its full form when Ri pushes the button.

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Nicole Franceschi (RadiativeLove) | 6 comments First Name: Evan

Last Name: Langdon

Nick Name: Tate

Preferred Name:

Age: 19

Weapon (s): a knife and a sturdy sword she inherited from her grandfather

Main Fighting Skill: It's good to traps, caches and the defense, but his strength is double-edged sword, is very good using swords.

Personality: A lonely boy, his eyes reflect hatred. Trusts no one more than the same. It is a mysterious guy, but very creative. In the background is a sensitive soul.

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: This is the fourth child of a family of five brothers. As a boy not much atencion.Las awarded in cas things got complicated because her younger sister was sick and when she died he sprayed the blame not take care of, pro so he decided to go live with her aunt Rosalie.

Thoughts on Final Test: You must win to change your past or accept that this is the end.

Pets: none

Family: His aunt Rosalie 38
His sister Naya 19
with this family lost contact.

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): He knows he has to leave everything to win, but she knows Troian and gets in his camino.Alli born love never felt for anyone.

Other: He is a good hunter.He likes Sex.

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Nicole Franceschi (RadiativeLove) | 6 comments Thanks . I change the pic.

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☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 511 comments First Name: Jacksin

Last Name: Rell

Nick Name: 'Sin'

Preferred Name: Jack, Sin

Age: 17

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives

Main Fighting Skill: Archery and strategy.

Personality: He's a quiet guy, careful and thought through. He doesn't like to get into big fights, and will often try to talk his way out of a conflict, though he's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He mainly keeps to himself, though he's trying to make friends so that he doesn't feel as alone in the Test.


History: Orphaned at a young age, a trainer took him under her wing. He wasn't told that he'd actually been chosen as a trainer, not an apprentice, so he's believed that he has been forced to fight for his life, thinking that he's truly an apprentice, and that he owes his trainer his life and will fight for her. (I don't know if that will get him disqualified or what when the actual test happens.)

Thoughts on Final Test: He'll do it, since he owes his trainer his life, but otherwise hates the very thought of it.

[image error]

Family: None

Crush: Maybe later.


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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Approved :)

Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) First Name: Chet

Last Name: Fyrez

Nick Name: N/A

Preferred Name: Chet

Age: 18

Weapon(s): A pen-knife, a few throwing knives and a short-sword.

Main Fighting Skill: Hand-to-hand combat.

Personality: Chet has many hidden layers to his personality; he wears many 'masks'. He rarely acts serious and even manages to retain his humor/sarcasm in dangerous situations. He is a natural troublemaker and can be very unpredictable. He often comes across as being kinda idiotic but he is actually very smart/intelligent. He can act serious when need be and is actually very understanding. He has hidden depths. He has a big heart and will do anything to protect someone or something he cares about. He does what he believes is right.

Appearance: Black, kinda messy hair that reaches to his shoulders, (But still looks cool and non-girly,) and stops just above his eyes, his fringe (possible side-fringe, not sure) is white. He has dark brown eyes-almost black and is 5'9ft tall (he has more of a 'tall and lean' build.). He is wearing a black t-shirt, dark jeans, dark jacket, combat boots (sorry but they suit him) a studded belt and a shark-tooth charm/necklace thing.

History: Chet has a twin sister called Aruen. Their parents went missing (presumed dead) when they were really young, and thus they were brought into their uncles care. Their uncle was the one to bring them to a trainer.

Thoughts on Final Test: Chet doesn't want to do the Final Test. He doesn't like fighting despite being raised to do so. He is trying to find a way out of it but it reluctant to leave his sister.

Pets: None.

Family: His uncle Adrian and his twin sister Aruen.

Crush: Open.


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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ wrote: "First Name: Chet

Last Name: Fyrez

Nick Name: N/A

Preferred Name: Chet

Age: 18

Weapon(s): A pen-knife, a few throwing knives and a short-sword.

Main Fighting Skill: Hand-to-hand combat.


Approved. :D

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Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) First Name: David Christopher

Last Name: Logan

Nick Name: N/A

Preferred Name: David

Age: 20

Weapon(s): Crossbow, twin swords and a switch-blade.

Main Fighting Skill: Sword-fighting.

Personality: On average a pretty normal guy. Really just wants a normal life but he's unfortunately never that lucky. Trouble follows him and it's not unusual to hear him said 'why me?' Is usually rather laid-back and a pretty easy-going guy.
David is loyal when you gain his trust. He is welcoming to most people but that doesn't necessarily mean he trusts them. He can occasionally be a bit on the lazy side and despite being a pretty skilled fighter he'd really rather hang out. His trainer often speculates that maybe they made a mistake when they named David an apprentice.
He used to be an alcoholic and would occasionally slip and get himself stone-drunk, Chet shook him out of his alcoholism but now he is addicted to coffee and constantly craving a good beer.
He isn't so bad now but he still likes to drink and is constantly trying to slip himself some alcohol, fortunately he chose his training over his alcoholism so now he is more careful with his drinking habits.
He can be rude without realising it and is unpleasant in the mornings.
Despite his desperate want to live a normal life he gets bored very easily. He hates authoritive figures and can be freaked out easily over somethings. He may complain about danger but secretly he kind of enjoys it. If someone needs help he will help the if he can. He is one of Chet's mates and one of the few people Chet's ever trusted enough to tell him everything he usually keeps hidden.

Appearance: Dark chocolate brown eyes, long-ish, messy-ish brown hair. Tall and a little skinny, his body-type hides his combat muscles. This is the closest image I could find:

History: David's family is a rich one. He has an older brother who he hates. If David had his way he'd cut himself off from his family and never see them again. His brother is a trainer and, despite not being David's trainer he is constantly acting like he is whenever they meet. Basically David's history is full of rivalry and rebellion against his family. He gets on with Chet so well because they are both trouble-makers despite initially hating one another and also their age-difference. David thinks of Chet as his little brother.

Thoughts on Final Test: He doesn't really care either way.

Pets: None.

Family: His brother Michael. His mum, dad etc...

Crush: Chet's twin sister Aruen.


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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ wrote: "First Name: David Christopher

Last Name: Logan

Nick Name: N/A

Preferred Name: David

Age: 24

Weapon(s): Crossbow, twin swords and a switch-blade.

Main Fighting Skill: Sword-fighting.


They take the test at 21, he can be a Trainer if you want. He can't be an apprentice since he is a little too old for that.

Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) Tara wrote: "Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ wrote: "First Name: David Christopher

Last Name: Logan

Nick Name: N/A

Preferred Name: David

Age: 24

Weapon(s): Crossbow, twin swords and a switch-blade..."

I'll just change his age then...

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ wrote: "Tara wrote: "Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ wrote: "First Name: David Christopher

Last Name: Logan

Nick Name: N/A

Preferred Name: David

Age: 20

Weapon(s): Crossbow, twin swords and a..."

Approved :D

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Hey is it ok if Katherine actually is coleader of the Final Test Rebellion?

message 20: by tara (new)

tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) I was thinking she was more in the strategy department so we need her to meet Jake and voice her idea to him.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Amber wrote: "That's a great idea. Do you want me to put you on the Group List?"

Group List?

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Zack (Myrddin767) | 75 comments Edited Other in my character for more info.

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First Name: Skylar

Last Name: Simons

Preferred Name: Skylar

Age: 18

Weapon(s): knifes, long swords, swords, long knives

Main Fighting Skill: swords and long knives

Personality: TBRP'd

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: TBRP'd

Thoughts on Final Test: none

Pets: Wolf:

((and yes the wolf's name is wolf))

Family: dead

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): Janelle


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First Name: Ryan

Last Name: Grain ((so original XD))

Preferred Name: Ryan

Age: 18

Weapon(s): all but bows

Main Fighting Skill: all but bows ((not cross bows just nprmal bows))

Personality: TBRP'd

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: TBRP'd

Thoughts on Final Test: hopes nothing will happen to his twin sister


Alexa ((she is his twin))

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): lilith


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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Skylar is good but specify for Ryan like i told with Alexa and your off to go :)

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Name : Jackie Night
Preferred name : Jackie
age: 16
weapons : Can use any weapon even hand to hand , but he dislikes spears and ranged weapons , so he almost always uses swords , hand to hand and scythes.
Main skill: swords and scythes .
Personality: he's very kind and loyal . He is completely the opposite of what you would expect a fighter to be until you see him in a fight . He enjoyes to read and build rather then fighting though, but he still keeps getting into trouble.

History : he lived with his grampa who was a famous black smith, he e Moyer building and making new strange weapons. One day he was helping his grampa out with a new weapon when the test people came in and Jackie confused them with thieves so he attacked them using all the weapons he could find. After a long fight he passed out unconscious and the test people took him away they needed a good fighter like him.

Family: his grampa and no one else.
Crush: none.
Other: none.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Approved!

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Thanks.: )

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) No Prob :)

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First Name: Nicholas

Last Name: Holt

Nick Name: Nick

Preferred Name: Nick

Age: 15 (turns 16 soon)

Weapon(s): Axe (view spoiler)
Throwing Axe (view spoiler)

Main Fighting Skill: Nick is versatile, he can use axes from both close and long range. He has plenty of stamina so he can fight for long periods of time.

Personality: Confident, which can come across as cocky and arrogant, and determined. Though he prefers not to get close to others, he gets extremely protective of those he does get close to.

Appearance (Please, no anime):
[image error]
Nick is approximately 5"10 ft with a body that appears to be quite slim, though he is quite muscular.
(view spoiler) He has bright blue eyes which become more visible the closer you are and brown hair which naturally stays up and seems to darken when he's in a bad mood. His hands and feet look quite large, but not ill-proportional. If you didn't know him, you'd think he was older than 15.

History: Nick was raised in an Orphanage, which he hated. He became independent at a young age, learning how to use an axe so he could become a Master to leave the orphanage and show them all he was better than what they told him. He doesn't train with the other apprentices, preferring to train in the forest alone. He sells things he either finds or kills at the Black Market, which is how he could afford his axes.

Thoughts on Final Test: The only way to prove himself.


McNulty the squirrel, Nick's friend who stole bird food from the birdhouse at the orphanage.

Family: None

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): Katherine Frey


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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Approved!!!

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Reece wrote: "First Name: Nicholas

Last Name: Holt

Nick Name: Nick

Preferred Name: Nick

Age: 15 (turns 16 soon)

Weapon(s): Axe

Throwing Axe

Main Fighting Skill: Nick is versatile, he can use axes f..."

Katherine is 17 so if you want there to be a chance, you can change the age unless it's just a harmless crush. XD

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It is just a harmless crush, though he is 16 soon. He's just going to be really protective of her. Like in the Graveyard.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) oh ok! :)

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