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Create a house elf here :)


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Name: Wisteria
Age: 13
Background: Was born as the slave to a rich pure-blood aristocratic family, was freed (fired), and came to Hogwarts for a job.
Personality: Quiet, meek, calm, patient, sensitive, shy
Appearance: Wispy and small, with a loincloth draped on her like a toga, with extraordinarily big ears even for a house-elf and large blue eyes.

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Name: Woody
Age: 12
Background: Woody served a very rich pureblood family. His whole family had served the same family. This Wizarding family happened to know Will Blue's grandfather. When Will moved in with his grandfather, he befriended Woody and tricked his masters into setting Woody free. Woody was elated. He was scorned even by other house elves, because he was one of the few elves who loved being free. But Woody didn't care. Will suggested he work at Hogwarts for pay, and Woody took the suggestion and got a paid job at Hogwarts. He still comes whenever Will needs some help.
Personality: Woody is loyal, loving, and loves to help others. He's also very brave, and loves being free. He dislikes conflict, but will stand up for what he believes in. He has a strong sense of right and wrong. He hates being bossed around, but he's also very helpful, and will often aid others without being asked. He's fairly intelligent, but a little wacky.
Appearance: Woody is small, with large, flappy, bat-like ears and huge dark eyes. He has long knobbly fingers and thin arms and legs. He takes pride in wearing clothes, and is usually seen in mismatched, crazy outfits.

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