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She never reveals her actual age to anyone. If you ever ask her she will tell different age everytime. She appears to be 15

Prefers.fighting with her knife gifted to her by her cousin and really good at it. It is always strapped under her left sleeve.

Good with reflexes and knife and sword fighting.

She is beautiful if it werent of her blonde hairs tied back and striking grey eyes giving her the look of i-will-kill-you-any-moment-if-u-wont-listen-to-me

She was abondaned as a 7 year old by her step mom until her master found her.

She always had her snow wolf names brownie as a pet with her since she rescued it as a pup when on run from her step mom's house. He is a pure white arctic wolf

She considers matt as an elder brother ever since they found each other while they both ran away from their houses. Also only he knows her real age but he wont reveal it to anyone.

She had a loving mom and dad. Her mom had to leave them so when her dad remarried her life became more of a torture till she ran away.

She has a crush on a boy who trains along with her though she never had the courage to even ask his name

YOU DONT WANT TO MESS WITH HER. If you ar nice, she is nice or beware- you may find a knife in some part of your body and see yourself dying if you get her mad...

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First Name: Jane

Last Name: Black

Nick Name: Janie

Preferred Name: Jane

Age: 16
Weapon(s): hand to hand, swords, axes

Main Fighting Skill: kicking

Personality: fast, cunning, smart and funny. She is very caring towards people, but when needed she can be a pain.

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: grew up in a nice family but one day her lads to tried to give her alway to a rich man so she could marry him. She ran away and never looked back

Pets: None

Family: look at history

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): Open

Other: scar on her left eye from an axe fight

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Hannah | 33 comments First Name: Cleo

Last Name: Mace

Nick Name: none

Preferred Name: Cleo

Age: 17

Weapon(s): bow and arrow

Main Fighting Skill: archery

Personality: shy around boys, smart, talkative around her friends, loyal, and trustworthy

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History:Her mother died when she was five. Her father doesn't pay much attention to her.

Thoughts on Final Test: She wants to win, so her father would finally be proud.

Pets: none

Family: Her favorite memory is when her mother taught her how to ice skate on her fifth birthday.

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one):Jax

Other: She has a pond in her backyard. When she isn't training, she reads and ice skates (in the winter).

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First Name: aylssa

Last Name: burke

Nick Name: lyssa

Preferred Name: lyssa

Age: 17

Weapon(s): bow and quiver knives and daggers sword

Main Fighting Skill: archery

Personality: revealed when roleplayeded

Appearance (Please, no anime):

Thoughts on Final Test: she wants to win for her family

Pets: raven:

Family:father-david mother-sia brother-zac sister-maria

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): doesn't have one.......yet

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Sky  (clear_sky) | 49 comments First Name: Adria

Last Name: Lector

Nickname: Addy

Preferred Name: If she doesn't invite you to call her Addy, then it's safer for you if you don't.

Age: 16

Weapon(s): Throwing daggers and a pen-looking object that, when clicked, shoots stun darts. It was a gift.

Main Fighting Skill: she's surprisingly good at throwing and aim, but she is nearly useless in a hand-to-hand situation. She can fight, but she's much better at a distance.

Personality: she can be whoever she wants to be, and has a different personality around different people. She doesn't really fit in anywhere, but she puts out the appearance hat she does. In reality, she doesn't talk much and is extremely stubborn. She holds grudges longer than anyone else she's ever known and revenge is her policy. Always. If you cross her, you'd better believe that she will come ater you. She has little patience, but will take her time coming up with a plan that will ruin you. Tread lightly.

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: Her mother ran away from her and her father when she was younger, so it was up to him to raise a child. He did surprisingly well, but she never forgave her mother for leaving. She still hasn't. One day, she watched her father go off to work and decided she wanted to go with him. She followed him until he got to the building and was about to reveal herself to him when gunshots rang out. It was a riot against the business he worked for, and about a dozen armed men began shooting people at random. Her father was one of them. Her main purpose in life is to become a Master, find the men who killed her father, and make them pay.

Thoughts on Final Test: It's merely an obstacle for her to overcome on her search to find her father's killers. She has complete confidence she will survive.

Pets: none

Family: Moher ran away when she was about 5, father killed when she was 11

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): Open

Other: She thinks relationships are just open weaknesses (which is why it would be great if she was in one)

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First Name: Claire

Last Name: ryan

Nick Name: whatever you want just as long as she's ok with it

Preferred Name: Claire

Age: 16

Weapon(s): knives

Main Fighting Skill: knives

Personality: sly but sweet, loyal, mysterious

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: unknown

Thoughts on Final Test: "I wish i could win

Pets: alli: description

Xavier: description

Family: father-james brother-max

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): damion

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thx :)

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Ruth First Name: Jessica

Last Name: Donivan

Nick Name: Jessie

Preferred Name: Jessie

Age: 17

Weapon(s): trickery, sword

Main Fighting Skill: sword

Personality: it changes a lot depending on what mood she's in.


History: Her dad died before she was born, and soon afterwards her mom died of grief. She had no close relatives, so she was just given to a random family that wasn't very nice to her. She ran away when she was 15

Thoughts on Final Test: She could care less about it.

Pets: a lizard named Eli

Family: none

Crush : Raylin


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Ruth yay!

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Hannah | 33 comments First Name: Veronica

Last Name: Clementine

Nick Name: Vera

Preferred Name: Veronica

Age: 18

Weapon(s): Bow and arrow

Main Fighting Skill: archery

Personality: She hides her feelings a lot, but you can sometimes get her talking

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: mom and dad died in the final test, lived with her grandparents

Thoughts on Final Test: doesn't like it, but stays strong for her little sis

Pets: none

Family: younger sis: Violet

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): open


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Hannah | 33 comments First Name: Violet

Last Name: Clementine

Nick Name: The Wild Child, Viola

Preferred Name: Viola

Age: 16

Weapon(s): Bow and arrow, knives

Main Fighting Skill: archery

Personality: crazy, out-going, laughs at all most anything, talkative, wild

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: mom and dad died in the final test, lived with her grandparents, her sister finds her at parties a lot

Thoughts on Final Test: She doesn't like to think about it

Pets: none

Family: older sister : Veronica

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): open

Other: thinks her sister is soo boring

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) First Name:Katherine

Last Name: Frey

Nick Name: (Feel Free to Give one)

Preferred Name: Kat or Katherine

Age: 17 (Just turned)

Weapon(s): Sword, Crossbow, Daggers

Main Fighting Skill: Sword and fists

Personality: If I stay alone, I won't make connections, and if I don't make connections, I'll stay alive This is what she lives by because her mother used to say the same thing. She practices in rooms that are usually empty and not a whole lot of people even know her name. She's naive but has reflexes and can be mysterious. It would take effort to go through her stubbornness to befriend her but once you do, she would be there for you. She keeps secrets well since she was raised on them. She has a ego though and hates to ask for help. Can get cocky but not on killing, just skill.

Appearance (Please, no anime):
[image error]

History: Father died in a raid as a Master and was raised by Mother in a similar town. When mother disappeared, Katherine hiked all the way here to this to compete in a contest so no one knows who she is.

Thoughts on Final Test: "Nothing is going to stop me, I have to win though I wish this never had to happen."

Pets: A pup follows her though he's not her official pet. Name is Jax

Family and History: Katherine was raised by Two Masters as her parents along with her devoted brother, Ian. She had a teaching of languages and skills that the best contestants could learn. Even the sense of trade and honor. Till her father died. No one knows how. A month later, her mother soon disappeared after.
Then came the raids of the rebels. A short group, terminated by now. As they raided the town, Ian took action and got himself and his little sister out of here. For good.
Just her and her brother Ian, they traveled alone, going to different towns, learning new things. Ian and her were doing fine. Ian was about to take his test when some people took him in the night and Katherine. They were separated and she doesn't know yet to this day who took her. She hasn't seen her brother in years.
She soon learned it was a bunch of Trainers, trying to get back at the Masters for not letting them compete in the Final Test. She learned that the Test could truly drive people insane and escaped easily. The last she saw of that group was the fire in the forest, caused by a bomb. She walks by herself till arriving at this town.

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): Open.
(Update: Probably Raylin, depends on plot XD)
Other: She just came to town so he needs to find a cabin to stay in. That requires asking someone -smiles- and that's not going to be easy.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism)
Here's the pic that wasn't showing up there...

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Amber wrote: "Katherine, that is such a cute pup. Approved"

Thanks! I also sent a friend request :D

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Nicole Franceschi (RadiativeLove) | 6 comments First Name: Troian

Last Name: Hairtz

Nick Name: None

Preferred Name:

Age: 17

Weapon (s): Bow and arrow and poison

Main Fighting Skill: good at melee fighting with swords

Personality: a girl may seem reserved and quiet, but is full of traps and secrets. It's lonely that received little love in your life, but deep in someone reliable, caring and loving. Often angry all the time, does not like lies, no jokes.

Appearance (Please, no anime): Leave her dark hair in the wind making it beautiful in the sight of all.

History: At the age of five years was adopted out in an orphanage, his childhood was quiet until her parents separated and she had to live with his father who tortured her. At the age of 16 she ran away and never returned.

Thoughts on Final Test: Cree is time to show the world that she can do things for herself without getting anything in return. It is a rebel.

Pets: She has a cat named Wish

Family: One brother named Liam 19.

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): She does not understand what he feels for Evan.

Other: She cares nothing except protect others with their own vida.Pero this changed when he finds the love of his life and this hurt her.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 10 comments First Name: Calla

Last Name: Nightshade

Nick Name: Cal or Shadow(because she moves like one)

Preferred Name: Her nicknames

Age: 16

Weapon(s): sword( ), bow and arrow( ), knives/daggers( )

Main Fighting Skill: sword and strategy

Personality: She is kind, caring, loving, and understanding. But at times she can be sarcastic, rude, and suspicious

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History: All of her family died at the Final Test. She decide that she would be the one to survive it.

Thoughts on Final Test: She wants to prove that she does not need anyones help.


Family: none, all dead

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): none...yet

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Evelyn (evtoki) First Name:Janelle

Last Name:Chelsler

Nick Name:Jan

Preferred Name: Doesn't matter

Age: 19

Weapon(s): Bow and Arrows given to her by her father before he passed away.

Main Fighting Skill:Archery, survival

Personality:Very determined, strong- hearted, stubborn, fierce, agressive.

Appearance (Please, no anime):

History:Her father was the world renowned archer, George Chelsler, who died when she was 10. She was given his own set of arrows on his death bed.

Thoughts on Final Test:"As my father said, 'With determination, you can and will do anything.'"

Pets: A marten, Cassidy:

Family: Mom(Margerat Chelsley)

Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): None yet

Other: She does not care that she is the oldest.

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((anyone want to rp with any of my characters))

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((don't mind which character?))

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) ((Hey Can Katherine RP with Tyler in the Knife Training Room?)

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((umm how about claire...?))

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((where you want to go?))

Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) First Name: Aruen

Last Name: Fyrez

Nick Name: Aru.

Preferred Name: Aruen

Age: 18

Weapon(s): Bow and arrows and a katana.

Main Fighting Skill: Archery.

Personality: Aruen is a lot more...mature than Chet, despite the fact that she is in fact, the younger twin. She loves her brother and always does what she thinks is right. She is very intelligent and comes across as being intelligent. She is a very gifted liar/actress as is often the one to get them out of tough situations. She, like her brother, has hidden depths. She has a fiery personality.

Appearance: She basically looks like a female version of Chet. She hates dresses and wears similar clothing to her brother. (Same sense of fashion.) So it isnt unusual for people to mistake her for Chet or to think she is also a boy. Though people who know her can always tell the difference between her and Chet despite the fact that they look almost completely identical.

History: Basically the same as Chet's. She and Chet were abandoned as young children when their parents went missing, presumed dead. They were taken in by their uncle who brought them to a trainer. From then on they've been training for the Final Test.

Thoughts on Final Test: Aruen isn't sure what her opinion is on the Final Test, however she knows her brother is reluctant and this worries her.

Pets: None.

Family: Her uncle Adrian and her brother Chet.

Crush: Open


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approved cool character

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((the valley maybe?))

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Fenestra First Name: Lilith

Last Name: Richard

Nick Name: Lil

Preferred Name: Lilith, unless you happen to be her sister.

Age: 17

Weapon(s): Knives or swords.

Main Fighting Skill: She's light on her feet and deadly accurate. She has a good tolerance for poison, built up by her sister from a young age.

Personality: Lilith is sharp. She's got a sharp tongue, sharp wit, and a sharp set of knives with your name on them. Her fighting style is a bit playful as she doesn't like for fights to be short. For ages, she's worked hard. She wants to pass the test, but she's getting impatient. She's nice for the most part, a good person to speak with, but vicious in battle.


History: Lilith's mother was a master, but she died many years ago under somewhat questionable circumstances. Her father left she and her sister to fend for themselves and she will never forgive him for it.

Thoughts on Final Test: She was trained to survive. So she will. She doesn't like the deaths of others though. Some people that take the Final Test and fail are truly talented fighters... They just didn't make it out.

Pets: A sleek black tomcat named Dru.

Family: Her older sister, Anna.

Crush: Someone or other...

Other: Nada! For now at least.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Approved :D

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Fenestra Thankies! :D

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First Name: Alexa

Last Name: Grain

Nick Name: Lexa Lexy Alex

Preferred Name: Any of her nicknames or Alexa

Age: 18

Weapon(s): all but long swords

Main Fighting Skill: anything but long swords

Personality: TBRP'd

Appearance (Please, no anime): [image error]

History: TBRP'd

Thoughts on Final Test: none

Pets: Lena:




Crush (It's more interesting if you have one): Kyle


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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Hey, can you please specify a skill? Anything isn't really fair since the Final Test has to have a weakness and can you also put a few words for personality? Thanks.

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it's to be rp'd which means it will show their personality in the rp -.-'

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) kk ik, it just seems vague XD

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Approved!

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) First Name: Sayo
Last Name: Bane
Nick Name: Say
Preferred Name: Sayo.
Age: 19

Weapon(s): She is exceptional and very deadly with a katana and a bow and arrow.

Main Fighting Skill: Karate is her main personal combat skill, as well as swords man-ship and archery. She has some knowledge with poisons.

Personality: Cold, ruthless, and walks alone. Sayo is not one to make friends or relationships. She is a shadow amongst the others, a girl they all think will die the minute she gets into a fight. She is determined to prove everyone wrong.

Asian, big brown eyes, black hair, full lips, Sayo is immensely beautiful. She has many tattoos adorning both her arms – right: a Chinese dragon. Left: skull with roses (upper arm) and a feather with a script underneath reading diabolus et angeli amorem (forearm).

History: Her history is unknown, and she likes to keep it that way.

Thoughts on Final Test: She will do anything to insure her survival.

Pets: A small raven she lovingly calls Baron.

Family: Leaving her family at the age of sixteen, Sayo had lived on the road until she started training with a man called Kan. Sadly, he died in the Final Test not so long ago.

Crush: Despite herself, she has her eye on Alex Jacobson.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) Amazing! Approved!

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Thanks! :D

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