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Suspicion had been raised when the men at the gate to the castle recognized the man walking casual to them as another member of the Sorrel house. Why hadn't he been with the others? A question was asked and Braylin answered with a very believable ton as well as response. He was just about to be admitted from the city, but one of the men noticed a bit of blood droplets--fresh drops and smudges--on Braylin's clothing. "Where did you get that blood on you from?" asked the guard. When Braylin was unable to retain his look of agitation which quickly struck the guard as something of bad. 

The guard drew his blade just as a threat, but Braylin didn't have time to waste still. He drew his twin short blades at the same time, spinning them once in each hand before leveling all the guards on the ground with him that came his way. Those on the wall that stretched the castle began to yell and horns were sounded that alerted the entire city--all the way to the city's gate wall across the city--that there was something wrong. In this case, an attacker loose. No one would be permitted in or out of the city now unless by force. 

Some of the men on the wall aimed their bows and attempted to take out the fighter, but he was agile and well aware of his surroundings. He pulled one of his small daggers from his waist and threw it expertly at the man on the wall holding the gate closed by a turning device. The man fell and the gate opened. 

Braylin then started his sprint into the city. He knew the main part wouldnt be the best, so he would stick to the shadows of the lower parts of the city until he managed to find either a low part on the wall or a way to get over or under the wall and out of the city. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 172 comments Mod
Braylin had returned his swords to their cases and reduced himself to only travel in the shadows. The alarms still wailed across the entirety of the city's walls. People were rushing into their homes and taking shelter. Something like this didn't exactly happen every day. It struck Braylin as odd when he saw a blonde whom looked all to similar to the Braxton family line was outside of the kingdom walls. A cousin perhaps? She looked confused, dazed even, eyes glancing over the streets. But, someone rushed along quickly and couched the young woman along. Which left the streets empty. No stands where open, no merchants selling their items, and no one to hinder his rush through the city. And rush he did.

He reached one side of the wall and scanned for any low sections or structures that would allow him escape. Guards had started to march the streets, so he was running low on time. He saw a tall enough building that would allow him to be high enough to grab hold of a few vines growing from the top. He scaled the building's side and pulled himself to the top. He made one bound off the edge, grabbed a vine and started to hoist himself up. Lucky for him, the plant held on long enough to get him to the top from there, he wasted no time or bothered with fear as he leap off the side, again getting lucky he didn't injure himself when he hit the ground. But, he was going a different direction than his Lord. And he would have to wait till he got out of sight in the distance to redirect.

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