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Kevin Travis (goodreadscomktravman) | 5 comments My book, Skyler's Magical Christmas, is free on Kindle today.
Skyler has been a good girl all year long. The sweet, silly, pretty eight-year-old, who has long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a huge smile, wants what many kids want for Christmas. Skyler wants a puppy. The family already owns one dog, an old, quiet gal by the name of Tasha. But Skyler wants a puppy to call her very own. When Skyler wakes up and races to see what is under the tree on Christmas morning, she sees that her wish has come true. She gets a cute puppy that she names Rowdy. But that’s not the only surprise Skyler gets. The Magical Christmas Dog Biscuits that Santa gives Skyler for the dogs make for an even bigger surprise. It all leads to some silly adventures for Skyler, Rowdy, and Tasha.

message 2: by Susan F (new)

Susan F | 35 comments Thanks Kevin, Merry Christmas!

message 3: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Travis (goodreadscomktravman) | 5 comments Merry Christmas!!

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