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((Smurf, you want to have Tristan carry in Mia?))

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Tristan walked in carrying Mia. He laid her on a bed and called frantically to Madam Pomfrey. "Madam Pomfrey? Please come! Mia's hurt!"

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A portly woman bustled in, busy with fumbling with the ends of her apron. "Oh, my!" She took an intake of breath, seeing the unconscious Asian girl. She hurried with pulling on her rubber gloves and proceeded with examining the girl.

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Tristan backed away and sat on a chair. He was relieved that he had finished his homework a month before. He asked,"Is she alright?"

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Madame Pomfrey looked up, frazzled. "I don't know, dear. It seems the girl has been troubling herself over worries pertaining to academics. Are you a good friend of hers?"

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"Yes. Yes! I love her!", Tristan said, his voice getting stronger.

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Madame Pomfrey softened. "Ohhhh...you poor dear....don't worry. She'll be fine. She just has some abdominal pains....."

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"When can she leave here?", Tristan asked.

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Madame Pomfrey hesitated. "It would take one to three hours for her to fully recuperate. However, if you...er...really want her to discharge from the Wing in a few minutes, I suppose I can allow it. However, you will have to take care of her. I can write you a note to excuse you from your classes and knowing you both very well, you probably are extremely familiar with today's lessons." She walked to the pantry, rummaging about before pulling out a tube of cream. "If you are keen on taking her, you will...er..have to rub this on her bare stomach once. Once only."

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"Oh. Um... sure. But... um, I'm not exactly allowed in the Girls Dormitory... Do I take her to the boys dorm?", Tristan asked.

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Madame Pomfrey smiled. "If you'd like." She provided a parchment providing the exact instructions for rubbing the medicine on her stomach, as well as the actual cream. "There you are. And I find you very sweet, to take care of your...er...girlfriend like this. She's a pretty one!" I remember when I was a girl, I fell in love with a handsome man! Marcus was his name..." Her eyes became glazed as she reminisced the interactions shared between her infatuation and her.

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"Er... Thanks, Madam Pomfrey... I'll take her now", Tristan said awkwardly, he wasn't really keen to know about Madam Pomfrey's infatuation. He gently lifted Mia, and taking the tube and parchment, carried her out.

((Boys Dorm, I guess...))

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Madame Pomfrey shook herself out of her daze too late.


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"Madam Pomfrey! It's Mia again. She... She slammed into the wall of the Great Hall", Tristan calling to Madam Pomfrey as he laid Mia on a cot and sat beside her still form. He held her hand.

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"It's all my fault. I'm so sorry, Mia. Please be okay", Tristan whispered as silent tears ran down his face.

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Madame Pomfrey sighed. "Is the little dear really so delicate," she soliloquized sadly. She took one look at Mia before shaking her head. "It would take two days to recuperate for this one." She absentmindedly put a cool hand to Mia's forehead, muttering a spell under her breath. "I cannot allow any visitors or such when tending to something as serious as this, much as I'm sorry. Concentration would thus be limited and I would accidentally turn the poor girl's hair green!" She attempted to lighten the mood.

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Tristan said,"C-Could I sit by the entrance, Madam Pomfrey? Please?" He dried his eyes and got up.

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Madame Pomfrey hesitated before sighing. "Fine." She Conjured up a chair. "Sit yourself there. The wait will take quite long." She turned back to the unconscious Mia, shaking her head. "Poor dear...Are you sure you want to love this one? I mean, sure she is pretty and she's got quite good brains, but...she's as delicate as a china plate..."

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Tristan sat on the chair and insisted,"Yes. I loved her and now that she knows that, I'm not going to give her up now"

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Madame Pomfrey raised an eyebrow. "Suit yourself, dear." She walked into the pantry, retrieving several flasks that contained strange liquids.

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Tristan sighed. He didn't expect Madame Pomfrey to really know how he felt, why would she? She wasn't in love. He glanced at the time and waited. He had waited 5 years for Mia, he could wait more. As long as she knew that he loved her, he was fine.

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It might have been 2 hours or so before Madame Pomfrey finally finished tending to Mia, humming "A Cauldron of Love" softly by Celestina Warbeck. She gently murmured a revival spell, allowing Mia's eyelashes to flutter back to consciousness.

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"Mia!", Tristan said, getting up and stretching his stiff limbs.

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Madame Pomfrey bit her lip. "I...er...suppose you two can have some alone time..."

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"Thank you, Madame Pomfrey", Tristan said gratefully as he hurried to Mia's side.

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Mia looked at him, confusion detectable in her brown ocular. "W-What happened?"

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"You were thrown across the Great Hall by the 6th year. I'm sorry. It's my fault. I shouldn't have told you that it was going to be okay. I'm sorry", Tristan apologized.

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Mia bit her lip. "H-He threw me? B-But I'm n-not that light..."

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Tristan smiled and said,"Actually, you are pretty light, Mia. No offense"

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Mia blushed beet red, sitting up.

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Tristan apologized once again, saying,"It's my fault that you're in here at all. Sorry"

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Mia shook her head, her ebony hair whipping from side to side. "N-No...d-don't apologise...it w-was certainly my f-fault..."

((-__- I wish I was as pretty as Mia...))

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((Dude, serious? You are definitely pretty. You know, you should take a picture of the guy who did all that stupid stuff to you and put it up on GR, I kind of want to see him))

"But I'm the one who convinced you to do it", Tristan argued.

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((No I'm not. No thanks; I don't want my profile to be marred by such an idiot like him. POST A PICTURE OF YOURSELF!))

Mia sighed. "Seriously, Tristan. Just don't. It's my fault..."

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((Yes, you are. I can go on and on, you know. Touché. I wouldn't want a jerk on my profile either. But no, I will not post a picture of myself. I'd really rather not))

"It's my fault and that's the end of it. Besides, the guy paid for it. Jace punched him in the jaw", Tristan said, changing the subject.

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Mia's eyes widened. "J-Jace punched him?"

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"Yep. Twice. Didn't seem to really affect the boy though...", Tristan said.

((I really do love your status))

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Mia bit her lip, sighing. "Now he's going to kill me..."


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"No he won't. At least, if he does, Jace will punch him again. I'm pretty sure", Tristan said.

((Okay, I'm not Korean, so I had to look it up on Google Translate. And you know... you just agreed that you were pretty!))

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Mia blushed, glancing at her small hand.

((No, I said,'Thank you.' My gratitude was expressed to your liking for my status. Basically, you like my friend's idea. I did not, under any circumstances, agree that I was pretty.Don't turn the tables around.))

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((Yes, I like the idea of how your friend made you agree that you were pretty, and since you said thank you, it means that you agree that your friend's genius idea of making you say that you were pretty, thus meaning that you agreed that you were pretty))

Tristan said,"And... um, there's another thing, Mia. When boys go up to you and ask you for homework and you refuse, you can't keep being thrown at the wall each time"

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((Hold on. Just because I said thank you doesn't mean I agree with it! -___-))

Mia looked at him, her blush deepening. "I...er...c-can't help i-it..."

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((Yes... It does! You should face the truth, Wise. You really are pretty, at least prettier than a lot of other people[like me]. You actually look like one of my "friends"[she ditched me to be friends with a snobby girl]))

"There has to be something that can help. I don't want to bring you here every day. I would rather do something a little more interesting, wouldn't you?", Tristan said.

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((Nope. I'm not pretty at all!))

Mia nodded.

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((Yes. You are beautiful and don't deny it, because you can't!))

"Perhaps... Just sit near a prefect?", Tristan suggested.

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Mia bit her lip. "Okay..."

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((See? I was right))

Tristan smiled. "I love you Mia", he says, the words slipping out of his mouth.

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