The Siren (The Original Sinners, #1) The Siren question

is siron worth reading
Sönïa Dhillion Sönïa Dec 23, 2012 12:51PM
I have read the Angel, prince and am waiting for the mistress but is siren worth reading I know this sounds stupid but I read Angel first and because it clarified a few things abt siren I never bothered going I moved forward angle to prince so should I read siren or not? Please reply back ASAP anyone please

Yabeye (last edited Dec 30, 2012 07:06PM ) Dec 30, 2012 07:04PM   1 vote
Just finished reading Siren in two days. It was a fantastic read, totally worth it. I absolutely loved the plot, the religious references and the poignant explanations of D/s rapport and the BDSM world. She made it intriguing, rational and even spiritual at times. Aside from the brilliant writing, and the tasteful amount of dirty sex, the characters are phenomenally well constructed with each their own expectations and different viewpoints on sex and life. Another thing i like: though these characters could not be more different from each other, they all seeking the same thing in different places. Satisfaction and Love. Where Nora wants love, Wesley wants Nora, Zach wants his love/wife back and Soren, well Soren......I wish she had wrote more about him.

yup...great book. u should read it

You absolutely have to read The Siren, The Seven Day Loan and all the freebies in Ms. Reisz's website like Traci said. You will not get the whole picture otherwise.

YES, it is a wonderful book. Intelligently written and emotionally draining, while pulling you in three different directions.

Sönïa Dhillion thanks i have read it and i was glad i did
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You don't have to read the siren but I almost beg you too and I'm glad you did. imo it is the best of the series and on kindle it is like 20p, it explains more about soren and Wesley.

It was a fantastic read, totally worth it.

yes, you have to read the Siren, also read the free books on Tiffany Reisz website. It will give you more history of Nora and Wesley

Rebecca (last edited Jan 06, 2013 06:46AM ) Jan 06, 2013 06:15AM   0 votes
definitely read the siren, it's my favorite from the series. for those who use its only 20p

Sönïa Dhillion thanks i have read it and i was glad i did
Jan 06, 2013 07:04AM · flag

I've re-read all three of them and, don't get me wrong, I love them all. The Siren has been my favorite. Any Soren/Nora exposure or just plain Soren exposure I can get I will take it happily. My vote is if you liked the other two, then go for The Siren as well. We have to wait until like August 2013 for the next one anyway. Why not!

Oh no you should read it...

No u can skip that

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