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Tropic of Cancer (Tropic, #1)
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Rebecca | 19 comments Norman Mailer called it "one of the ten or twenty great novels of our century."

Anais Nin said it "might restore our appetite for the fundamental realities."

What do you say? Share your thoughts on the Tropic of Cancer here.

Bing | 5 comments I have made it to page 17 and I have to wonder, was Henry Miller a threatening man? Or was he sleeping with Anais and Norman??

Rebecca | 19 comments Yes to Nin, probably no to Mailer. If you're interested, Kate Millet analysed Miller's attitudes towards women in Sexual Politics. I haven't read either yet, but both are on my list.

Bing | 5 comments I think I am going to read Orwell's "Inside the Whale" first, since I respect him. If he found something to admire about H.M., guess I can too.

Norah | 5 comments I am 3% into the book and man, I am confused. And c word!

Norah | 5 comments And look! I am on good reads!

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LaRaie | 3 comments Norah wrote: "I am 3% into the book and man, I am confused. And c word!"

Yeah, This book is killing me. There is only so much free time I get these days and I really don't want to hear so much about his big seed. Although some of the observations he makes about other things are interesting....

Maureen (mosbooks) | 11 comments Norah wrote: "I am 3% into the book and man, I am confused. And c word!"

I'm confused too. I'm wondering how long before I throw my hands up. I'm going to keep plugging along a bit longer.

Desiree | 16 comments Tried reading it on the train, and then I realized that there was a naked woman on the cover. So I'm folding the cover back, and I am squished between two women so I have to hold the book out in front of me. I feel like everyone is reading the c-word and judging me. With all this going on, I can hardly focus on the language. I don't know how this is going to go.

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Derek McDow (mcdowdy) As a man, I loved this book and have been thinking about it non-stop for the last couple weeks. One thought I've been returning to over and over is how I might feel about this book if I was a woman. I would love to hear some women chime in about their reading experience with this novel.

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