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the sound of Autumn | 3132 comments Mod
Hello there! As the title suggests, La Poseurs is not, and never will be a roleplaying group. But, for those of you who do enjoy roleplaying, but may not know all the ropes yet, here are a few tips! Remember that many RP groups have different preferences, so these are very general instructions.

1.) Actual roleplay format

For this, usually you would be using third person, meaning that "He/ she" is used. You also use past tense, which is suggesting something already happened.

Example: "He looked around him, desperately trying to quiet his breathing. Where is she? he thought, his eyes wide as he attempted to peer through the thick darkness.

Now, see how I used adjectives in there? It's good to e descriptive in your writing. That means telling exactly how something happened, describing sight, smell, taste, touch, and feeling. How is all of this affecting your character? So what a ray of sunlight is streaming in through a dirty window? You've got good description there, but you still need to include your character's feelings. Do they like the sunshine, because it feels good on their skin? Do they dislike the sunshine, because they're trying to take a nap?

Make sure you use proper grammar (tht means not tlking lyk dis) and be sure to not try to rush it. That means no quick run on sentences like this because those can often be confusing and really who wants to be confused when they're trying to roleplay? As well as that, try to aim for at least four to five sentences per post; three at the very least, and even then should be when there isn't much to say.

2.) Characters

There's not much I can say about this one, because how detailed your character profiles must be depends on the group you're own. Usually though, you at least include their full name, age, what they look like, and their personality. Keep in mind though, those are the very basics. Sometimes you'll be asked to include their history, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Throughout all of this, you should try to be as detailed as always. Most of all though, just be creative, and have fun with it!

3.) Creating a roleplay group

First, to create any group, you need to look at the top bar of Goodreads. You know it, because you it for just about everything. It's the one with the search bar, Home button, My Books, Groups, Recommendations, Explore, and then your notifications, messages, and friends icons.

Click Groups and then look at the search bar. See the words "Create a Group" next to the Search button? Yeah, click that. And from there, it's pretty self-explanatory. Look at other groups as examples if you'd like, to help you figure out what good rules are and whatnot!

From there, you can create new folders for general things like spam, speaking to one another, comments/ complaints, etc. I would suggest creating a separate folder for character stuff, as in forms, which characters are associated with other characters, and so on. You can also create "places" for roleplaying your charries- it's all up to you, because it's your group!

Try remaining organized, and encourage activity in your group.

4.) When to leave a group

It's always sad when a group dies, but unfortunately, it does happen. And when it does, you can do a few things. You can try to revive it by getting more people into it- and those who are already participating to become active once again- or you can simply leave.

Other reasons you might want to leave could be if people are being hateful (which is never okay, but sometimes it's better just to remove yourself from a situation like that) or just not paying attention, or you just got bored with it. Causes of this can be disorganization, a lack of plot, people writing posts that are too short for your liking, etc.

To leave a group, you need to first go to the group you wish to leave. Once you're at the group's homepage, click "edit membership" underneath the group's profile picture, then click "leave this group."

Remember, roleplaying is all about practicing your writing skills and having fun, so make sure that you're just being creative with it! It's all about having a good time, so, have a good time! ^-^ If you have any questions, I'll do my best to try and answer them!

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 268 comments Wow,this is pretty good advice.^^

Being creative is all you need to be.

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Matthew (phoebus) | 679 comments ...this is why I am in a million groups and have a million invitations, I never leave or delete... ._.

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