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message 1: by Laszlo, The Professor (new)

Laszlo (steampunk) | 1849 comments Mod
In two days.

message 2: by Rinasa1234 (new)

Rinasa1234 | 661 comments Let's see how this will go. This should be interesting.

message 3: by Badgerlord, Marquis de Badger (new)

Badgerlord | 727 comments Mod
Laszlo wrote: "In two days."

Tomorrow for myself.

message 4: by Monkeyduels (new)

Monkeyduels | 404 comments YAYS!

❄️ Propertea Of Frostea ❄️ Bitter SnoBerry ❄ (berrynumey) Your grammar was so freaking wonderfully unproper Kggelen XD Good job!

❄️ Propertea Of Frostea ❄️ Bitter SnoBerry ❄ (berrynumey) That sounds like my cousin...he's a baby o.O

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