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Nicolette (cocopuff09120) Start discussion here for A Thousand Mornings.

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Nicolette (cocopuff09120) I thought that I would go ahead and give you a couple of discussion prompts to think about as you write.
1. What was your favorite poem in the book? What about it struck you as significant?
2. What things seem to inspire Mary Oliver the most?
3. How does Oliver view the relationship between humans, nature, and God?
4. Are there any other poets that you would compare Oliver's work with?

Mariska Just finished reading A Thousand Mornings. It was the first time I read poetry and for that I don't know if it's entirely fare I rated it. For me a lot of the poems didn't have great meaning, maybe it's the way I read them. My favorite one is green, green is my sister's house. It makes me think of how I used to play with my brothers, before I grew up. Enjoying nature, fishing, climbing trees. Though there were some more poems I liked, it would not be very likely I would read more anytime soon.

Cathie (catitude) | 1511 comments Thanks for sharing Mariska :-). I am still waiting for my copy to come in.

Cathie (catitude) | 1511 comments I really enjoyed this book. It was a wonderful quiet break and let me journey into quiet places I hadn't even thought to contemplate before. I liked pondering on each poem and found myself often going back to ones read earlier to re-read them.

I will be picking up this book often when I am in need of a quiet peaceful break.

Tanya I have two favorite poems from the book. The first is the Gardener. Just the questions in the beginning make you think about your own life. Have I lived enough? Have I loved enough? It put me in a very self-reflective mood. I also enjoyed Three things to remember especially the part about breaking the rules.

Selinea 1. My favorite poem is The Mockingbird. It has a delightful four line break pattern and it was the most fun to read out loud. I also like the metaphor between mockingbirds and people. We're all just mimics who show our true selves very rarely.

2. I'd definitely say nature seems to inspire Mary Oliver the most. Trees, rivers, oceans, animals. It's a very...zen kind of book.

3. All is one and one is all.

Lizzie (lizziebeans) I'm going to have to agree with Mariska on this one. Her thoughts pretty much mirror my own. Maybe it's because I'm not a big fan of poetry.

The one poem I did like was Blake Dying. It was simple and gives a peaceful perspective of death.

Cathie (catitude) | 1511 comments Poetry isn't everyone's cup of tea. I struggle with it. This book just had a very calming effect on me. I think the good thing about this group is that the goal of the group is to make available to all group members a place to share reading of ALL the Goodreads Award Winning books, not just some. It's a chance to explore different genres, if someone wants to with others reading the same thing and everyone discussing their thoughts. I know there will be a couple I probably won't read because the genre does not peak interest in me at all. I feel there is nothing worse than forced reading; reading is all about the joy of discovering new worlds and thoughts :-)

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Lynn | 4073 comments Mod
Cathie wrote: "I feel there is nothing worse than forced reading; reading is all about the joy of discovering new worlds and thoughts :-) "

Totally agree, hence why I never attempted this book.

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Mike i'm not sure what i signed on for and i'm sorry but what is this all i get is like people saying hello i'm more of a one on one type of person so i'm losing focus did i go to the wrong place, just address me directly if anyone has any answers

Cathie (catitude) | 1511 comments Hi Mike. This is a Goodreads Book club. We group discuss books that we read together in our Book of the Month selections and our Series Read selections. There are also posts for people to introduce themselves and to discuss what they are currently reading.

We are beginning The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
on February 1st.

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