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Amber Habron | 2 comments Name: Professor Cynthia Nightingale
Age: 24
House they were in: Gryffindor
Class They Teach: Charms
History: Cynthia is muggle-born and didn't find our about the Wizarding World until she was 11 when her Hogwarts level arrived. Her best classes in school were Charms and Transfiguration. She was the announcer for Quidditch games for her last six years at Hogwarts and was incredibly sad when the time came for her to graduate after her seventh year. She studied with Professor Flitwick to become the next Charms professor when he left the school. When she was 21, Flitwick retired and Cynthia was appointed the next Charms professor at Hogwarts. She's been teaching there ever since, and she loves it. She even started a Wizarding Chess Club for students at the school that meets every Wednesday night, and she is now in charge of the Chess House Cup every year.
Personality: Cynthia always enjoys learning new things about the Wizarding World and is still discovering the magical secrets in Hogwarts during her night patrols. She's easy to get along with and always offers help to the students who ask her for it, no matter what house they're in. She does, however, have great enthusiasm for the Quidditch House Cup and always cheers for Gryffindor. When school isn't in session, she enjoys traveling to learn as much as she can about the Wizarding World, as well as searching for her soulmate.
Number of Years they Have Taught: 3
Appearance: Strawberry blonde hair usually pulled back in a ponytail, sparkling blue eyes, 5'8'', skinny, usually smiling, red robes.
Husband/Wife: She's still looking. Wizards live for over a hundred years. She has time.
*You forgot Herbology and Muggle Studies professors and a headmaster!*

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Name: Jerimiah Lodsderth
Age: 51
House they were in: Griffindor ((Spelling?))
Class They Teach: Transfiguration
History: Was a Prefect and Head Boy at Hogwarts. Spent his 5th year at Beuxbatons and came back in his 6th
Personality: Not mean, but strict and gives his students the exemplary style. Has no favorites, but does like one particular Hufflepuff.
Number of Years they Have Taught: 19
Husband/Wife: Dorthea Lodsworth
Other: None

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