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Omowale Jabali | 6 comments Mod
I have added 25 books to the Bookshelf, and will leave it open to other members. So please add any reading which you think will be of interest to other members, of any genre you choose.

The initial books chosen were authored primarily by Queen Afua and Dr Musta Ashby, both of whom represent a strong Traditional Afrikan Spirituality but with a framework which takes into account the need to refashion ourselves, and this is especially true in ragards to my Mothers and Sisters in the Struggle who have suffered under the weight of eurocentri patriarchal society, which has not only disrupted and broken our familial and ancestral relations, but suppressed the Queen/Mother/ Goddess energy which has not only been a dehumanization of each if us, generally, but the defeminization and suppression of the Black Queen Mother iconography and self-concept specifically. We must all ARISE with 'Healing In Our Wings".

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Omowale Jabali | 2 comments Problems accessing my other account so I apologize for the inactivity. Hope to remedy this for the new year. Peace and blessings to you all. If you have any recommended reading please share. I have started with 6 books on my bookshelf under ANKS Study group. I will be using the ANKS Facebook group for sharing most information.

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Bret (mistersweet) | 3 comments What's the link to the fb group?

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Omowale Jabali | 6 comments Mod
Just search for ANKS

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