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message 1: by ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱, CROSSOVERS! YAY! (new)

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 13 comments Mod

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 19 comments Hello peoples!! ^^ Random question that doesn't really have to do with anything BUUUUTT: has anyone read/heard of a webcomic/slight game called Homestuck????

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 19 comments It's a really weird web comic XD I wanna find someone besides my one friend that's farther than me on reading it who knows what it is!! >.<

message 4: by ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱, CROSSOVERS! YAY! (new)

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 13 comments Mod
Everyone talks about but I have no clue what it is.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 19 comments It's extremely random. Basically it's about a bunch of people (and trolls) that are playing this game called 'sburb'. Well in the game there's a server and a client, so a server connects with a client, and then can whatever they want to the client's surroundings. The main people are John, Rose, Dave, and Jade. Then there's a bunch of trolls, but I only know a few which are Karkatz (or Kar), Gamzee, Terezi, and Sollux. There's also a few other people which are WV (Wayward or Mayor of Can Town...or just Mayor), Post Lady, Aimless Renigade (Caution Tape guy), and then I can't remember the other one, but they're in the future. It's kind of complicated and is really confusing at first, but then it makes sense. I'm not really sure how to describe it exactly...

Snowblue~ Rachel is AWESOME!!! :p | 1243 comments Mod
big paragraph lol

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Rinasa1234 | 380 comments Mod
Hey Kggelen, do you want to do Percy and Annabeth?

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Theresa gray has just given me a heart attack! She will pay...

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