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Imaan RP!

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Imaan Charlotte got up suddenly. She shoved a mirror under her face and gasped. She looked horrible. She squeaked, jumped up, and ran to the Bathroom. Thirty minutes later, she came out feeling a lot better. She took a rose from her dressing table and plucked it in her hair.
"That looks better" she murmered to herself. She turned around to her sleeping cabin-mates. Even when they slept, they looked fabulous. Charlotte glanced at the Jasmine-studded clock on the right. She frowned. 5 o'clock? Whoah, that was early, way too early for her! Charlotte gaped. Oh. It was her dyslexia. She squinted again and read "8 o'clock". Phew. She was worried. But wait. That was LATE! She yelled "Wake up, wake up!" The cabin-mates woke up with a start. They scrambled around, half of the cabin getting ready and half of the cabin making the cabin itself look pretty!

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Charlize moaned and put the pillow over her head for a few more minutes sleep. "Zeus Almighty, Charlotte, you are bossy. Who's head counselor here?" she said, but she didn't mind and this could be heard by her voice. Charlotte was more of a sister to Charlize than even Theresa had been (before her death on her quest)-they had the same interests, ideals, hobbies...the list went on.

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Imaan Charlotte smiled sweetly at Charlize.
"Dear Charlize" she said, sugar dripping from her voice "where was The Head Counseller, if I may ask" she said, and burst out in laughter. Charlize was Charlotte's Best Friend, and even as she saw the glint of amusement in her eyes, she knew that meeting her at Camp Half Blood doubled the fun. Charlotte lend Charlize a hand but as soon as Charlotte thought Charlize might take it, she snatched her hand away. Charlotte grinned cheekily and giggled. She saw Charlize come at the brink of laughter but, as she was head counseller, Charlotte knew that Charlize must be serious and important, so she stepped back and let Charlize continue.

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Charlize sighed in annoyance. "Wouldn't this cabin look nicer in blue, or green, or purple, or even yellow?" she muttered so only Charlotte would hear her. She added, "It's like a giant Barbie beach house!" as she picked up a pink sleeveless dress from the floor. "I'm going to go check on cabin tidiness," she groaned as she shuffled through clothes, makeup tubes and the like. "My day today." She grabbed her clipboard and put on her purple Converse and left Aphrodite cabin.

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Imaan Charlotte turned toward the cabin. She glared at them and yelled "Well! Come on! What are you waiting for! Get this cabin neat and tidy!"
"Who said you were in charge" grumbled a camper, who grinned playfully.
"Charlize" Charlotte said immediately and shoved the camper slightly with a laugh.
"Come on now. We need Charlize to give 5 stars to the cabin. After all, she always plays fair. She won't go easy on us. Especially as we are Aphrodite's kids!" Charlotte said, and everyone nodded their approval. Charlotte was right.
" Could someone please puut some new roses next to Charlize's bed? Perhaps then she will forgive us for having a messy, un-like Aphrodite cabin" Everyone laughed despite Charlotte's Bossiness and went around to their work and trying to follow all the orders Charlotte was shooting at them.

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