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Imaan RP!

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Imaan Daniel liked the silence. He worked quietly, constructing a clock for the Athena cabin. The Athena girl, what was her name? Oh right. Ella. He shook his head and continued working. He worked and worked. The rest of his cabin had not woken up yet. This is the time he preferred most to work. He glanced at the clock that had engraved on it "HEPHAUSTUS CABIN".It read 7 o'clock. He sighed in relief. Still another thirty minutes. He kept on working, putting one wire her and there, connecting plugs together. He kept working, keen to finish his job. At last he finished. He glanced at the watch again, a bit nervosly. It real 7:30. Daniel stood up immeadiately. He did not want to be late. He left the clock he made for the Athena cabin and went into the bathroom. In five minutes, the whole cabin were wide awake and making the usual uproar.

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