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((Roleplay. Remember NO SPAM.))

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66-3 flew hard and fast. Dees owls will 'ave to fly fasta' if dey're to follow me. She turned to look at them.

Gylfie was flapping as hard as she could, Sky still in her talons. She was quite a few tail lengths behind the sooty owl. "Wait up!"

66-3 rolled her eyes but slowed until she was hovering, allowing Gylfie to catch up to her.

"We should wait for Luna," she panted as she got to the owl.

"Den we wait," 66-3 confirmed.

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66-3 glared. "You don't know way to tree. We waited for you. Now that you here, we can fly." She turned and flapped north.

Gylfie groaned. She was never going to see her nest again, was she? And more flying? Gylfie followed the owl.

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66-3 was too far to hear anything. Gylfie on her tail, straining to keep up.

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((continued in the Entrance of the Ga'Hoole Tree))

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