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How do you pronounce the following?
Jane Jane Dec 23, 2012 04:48AM
I'm confused of how "Tobias" and "Uriah" should pronounce. While reading the book, I always pronounce/read

"Tobias" as "Toe-bee-us" and

"Uriah" as "U-ree-ah". The "U" is a short "U".

How do you pronounce those two words?

Shélah (last edited Dec 23, 2012 05:10AM ) Dec 23, 2012 04:56AM   3 votes
Typical pronunciation would be as follows:



With any name, obviously some people pronounce them differently, and it is ultimately decided by whoever names you. For instance, the name Emrys can be pronounced "em-ris" or "em-rees" - the second would be the typical Welsh pronunciation, but both are currently considered correct. My name has been mispronounced my whole life, and I'm not sure there actually is a standard pronounciation for the spelling.

Tobias - T-oh-b-eye-us

Uriah - Yur-eye-uh

They are the only ways to pronounce them.

Tobias- TOE-BEE-US
Uriah- YUR-EE-UH

It is law.


Well we will see when the movie comes out!

I actually knew someone name Uriah, he is Vietnamese and he pronounced it Ur-ri-ah. As for Tobias, I automatically pronounced it like Toe-bi-us.

For me it's Toe-bee-us (coz I think I always heard it that way) and Uriah simply became Yur-yah (hahaha my mind). Idk what the correct ones are though.

i don't care what Veronica Roth says (she pronounces it Toe-BYE-us) is Toe-BEE-us. i don't care what anyone says! He's my husband so I know how to pronounce his name! XD Finito la musica!


Yer-ee-uh sounds like a part of the body. :D

To-bye-us is how I say it
but yeah I've always been confused with Uriah
so it's yer-eye-ah ??

in britain, its to-by-as and ur-i-ah

My neighbor who doesn't touch books read over my shoulder one of the lines where Tris was talking about Tobias. And he said "toe-bye-us" though i usually say "toe-bee-us" just cause... Idunno it may not but to me it just sounds more natural and it sounds better and it rolls of a lot easier.

With Uriah i say Yur-Ee-Uh

C Dec 28, 2012 02:53AM   -1 votes
To-Bee-Yas and You-Ra-Yah. Hahaha I don't even know if that's correct. XD

Tobias is pronounced Toe-bee-as
It is a common name on places on Asia close to Palestina, as it is a name mentioned in the Bible. It is also a name used in countries where the most spoken language is Spanish(my country, for example)
Wrong pronunciations of Tobias would be: To-by-yas, to-by-as, toe-bye-us,etc.
Uriah is pronounced Yur-eye-uh , the mispronounciation of it is actualy the correct pronounciation or Urea.
Hope this helps! :)

I always thought it was-
Toe-bee-us and

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