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message 1: by Kalle (new)

Kalle (kaiie_goodreads) | 1 comments Mod
Welcome to Imgur's book club. This is a general thread where you can introduce yourself and your taste in books. And if you have any ideas whether we should get things organized or just talk randomly about everything, please say so.

And finally, if you want to become a moderator for this group, just say so or PM with a link to your Imgur account and we'll see if you are qualified for the job.

message 2: by Kendall (new)

Kendall Wood | 1 comments Hello, all! I'm Kendall, alias kensmell, and I'm a huge obsessive reader, hence the job at Barnes and Noble (in the break room as we speak)! My favorite books are apocalyptic fun things like The Stand or The Passage, or anything by Stephen King. However I am partial to memoirs/essays (David Sedaris, Jeannette Walls, etc) and I've started to really like reading biographies. As for how this group should be organized, I hope we can leave that for someone else to figure out because I'm just along for the ride!

message 3: by Mike (new)

Mike | 1 comments Hello!
I'm Mike, I became obsessed with books in secondary school, then expanded my tastes through university. My favorite books are probably anything 50's/60's Beatnik/Hippy era. For an easy read I turn to Sci-fi, Fantasy, Poetry, etc. At the moment I'm reading through books that were made into films, then watching the films.
As for the Group direction, maybe we should pick something from one of "Must read before you die" lists.

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