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Siobhan Siobhan Dec 23, 2012 02:48AM
So, I was just in another topic, about whether or not Stephenie Meyer is a good writer, and I just got thinking about her ideas for stories ... See, I'm not a fan, but if it's bound in a book (and with a red, black and white cover, dammit!) I will inevitably read it. And although I didn't enjoy her books per ce (despite the amount it has given me to talk about) I have noticed a similarity in her novels.

See, in twilight, they consider themselves vegetarian vampires, as in, they have a personal moral code to not harm their natural (canon) foodstuffs.

In the host, the aliens are peaceful, and almost pure love, yet they inhabit ... was it 7 different worlds?

Anyway, this made me think, that although I may not like her books, she does have a knack for confronting paranormal paradoxes. So what do you guys think would end up her next project? My money's on a zombie allergic to grey matter who falls in love with their intended victim, who happens to be a neuroscientist. Thoughts?

*disclaimer: I have only put Monopoly money on this*

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I remember reading somewhere that she wanted to tackle mermaids eventually, but that was years ago and given how quickly muses can abandon their authors I'm not sure if she's still pursuing that idea. Hell, if I had a penny for all the ideas I abandoned over that same time period I'd be a rather rich woman.
Frankly, for as much as I dislike Twilight, I think Meyer has a lot of interesting ideas that could make for great works if she actually gave them a proper focus. Many of the ideas in Twilight were interesting, like Jasper's power (though in a horror sort of way - I'd have killed to see Jasper actually written as a villain - outside of that one scene from Bree Tanner) Or Leah, who would have made for a wonderfully complex heroine in any other book. My hope is that she's taking this time to hone her craft, and will come back with something that makes use of the interesting ideas in her novels - instead of shoving them aside in favor of a forced romance. However I won't hold my breath, just because she seems rather comfortable in how she's currently doing things.

Maybe she tackles the quest to write about an asexual succubus ... come to think of it, I might buy that if she does.

The zombie with a concious that falls for a human angle has already been covered with "Warm Bodies", though.

actually, she's going to write a sequel to the host next :) it's going to be called the soul, and then there's going to be a sequel to that called the seeker. But once she finishes those up, I honestly have no clue what her crazy (in a good way) mind will come up with :)

Firstly, let me congratulate you on managing to ask an original question regarding Stephenie Meyer, a lot of the question are becoming old coals for me. Secondly, it's an interesting observation which not only got me thinking, it made me smile.

As for your suggested paradox, let me know if you or meyer ever decide to write it, it sounds like it may be worth picking up ;)

If she takes notes of what is popular, she might do something to do with angels. Angels seem kind and caring, but have actually become twisted and no longer hear god's voice, despite saying they do.

Or if not, something to do with a robot falling in love but the robot was designed for war and is a killer soldier who gain consciousness while in the middle of killing an enemy.

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