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Imaan RP!

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Imaan Ella yawned, and sprang out of bed. It was a new day, everything was fresh, and she could start new too. She walked into the bathroom and while doing so she yelled "Get up everybody, get up!". Despite her bossy addtitude Ella knew that he cabin-mates didn't mind. They never did. They just laughed and got up. Today was no different. They got up but Ella cackled. "Ha ha! Too late! I've got the bathroom first!" That made the campers scramble. Ella smiled as shhe walked out of the bathroom. She was in her usual attire, her camp Half blood shirt, khakkis, and her camp half blood shirt. She made her bed and ran around, helping other people make their beds. They smiled gratefully to her. Ella glanced at the clock that the Hephaustus Cabin made. She gasped. "Come on!" she cried. "The Aphrodite girl is going to come soon" she said in her British accent. The Aphrodite girl entered the cabin and the campers froze.

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Imaan Ella made a strangled sound. She stared at the Aphrodite gir. Her eyes made a silent plea: Please, Please forget about this mess. Give us another 10 minutes, will you? The Aphrodite's eyes glittered with amusement. The other campers turned to their head counseller in question, and Ella cleared her throat.
"Um, Hi" Ella started, but the Aphrodite girl started to speak and Ella sighed with relief.

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"I'll let you off, Watson, just this once," Charlize said, her eyes laughing like it was one big joke. "It's OK, I don't really care. Wish I had a bit more mess in my cabin, to tell you the truth. It's basically a carbon copy of a Barbie dream house!" Charlize grinned again, tucking a flyaway strand of caramel-coloured hair behind her ear. The hair clip she wore should have taken care of all her messy spots...ah well. It wasn't like she really cared or anything.

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Imaan Ella gave a dramatic sigh of relief and fell on her bed. She was relieved that they had been let off.After all, she was the head. It would be her fault, most of it.
"Thank you so much" Ella started, not knowing where to begin. She liked this girl and something about her rang a bell in her head. Ella grinned and laughed.
"Aren't you Charlize, Head of the Aphrodite cabin?" Ella said, smiling and taking out her hand. Ella studied the girl and knew she was not one of those big-headed Aphrodite children who thought only about looks.

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"That's me," confirmed Charlize, grinning impishly as she looked around Athena cabin. Her eyes looked over to the clock on the wall. She pointed to it and asked, "Hephaestus cabin?"

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Imaan "Yup" Ella grinned, nodding. "There's this guy, hmm..I think it was 'Daniel' " Ella said thoughtfully "He's really good. He doesn't complain." Ella went straight to the point. Boys that didn't complain were good for her. Ella studied Charlize's face.
"Did he make a clock for you, too?" Ella asked.

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"No," she said, clutching her hair. "Why not? I'm SO beautiful!" she asked dramatically, before seeing the cabin's faces. "Ha, just kidding. I'm not a typical Aphrodite girl. It's a good clock. I think I'll speak to this Daniel boy when I reach Cabin Nine." Bird looked at Charlize and said, "So how many stars did we get?" Charlize laughed and said, "Four."

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Imaan Ella was dumbshocked. If that was a word. That was the was brilliant.
"I..."Ella was almost never found speechless so it was a surprise for her cabin-mates. Charlize grinned and left the room.
"" she said breathlessly and her cabin burst out laughing.

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"Very much so," Bird said.

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Imaan Ella looked at her and tilted her head.
"Who are you?" she asked. Who was she?
"Oh, aren't you Bird?" Ella asked. Bird must of been annoyed with this question or annoyed with Ella's absent-mindness. Ella saw Bird trying to contain her annoyance.
"Don't mind me!" Ella said, putting on her Dumb-Athena girl act.
"Everyone says I'm really crazy!" she looked around the cabin, her eyes pleading for help. Her kind-for-now cabin mates rushed to her aid.
"Yup, she is nutty".
"Good 'ol Ella! She is a bit loony!"
And then a calm, wise sort of girl came up and said
"Athena girls can be a bit absent-minded. They tend to overlook things, but don't worry about Ella. She likes you, of course, and really tries not to forget your name. She tries to make you happy, not ways to make you feel bad" Ella stared at the girl in amazement, and the girl shrugged. Bird seemed happy with this, and she was back to her normal glow pf when she saw Ella. Ella looked around her cabin thankfully. This time the cabin could not resist it.They burst into laughter.

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