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The shawshank redemption

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Jeremy Get busy living or get busy dying , One of my all time favorite lines , Ever . Shawshank Redemption is a very good book by a very talented soul - KING

Sara Shrieves My favorite author. :) Much SK activity this year as well! It's nice to see.

Carrie P I actually read King's novella AFTER watching the movie so long ago BUT absolutely love BOTH! I was always a fan of his horror books but of his other genres, although I didn't like "11/22/63" as much (I think in part because of its bulk and my own prediliction that one cannot change the past, only learn from it), "Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption" is probably my favorite.

Billy I loved this book, and the movie!

Guin I read the book after seeing the movie for the first time. I really enjoyed both. I watch the movie whenever I catch it on TV>

Jeni Shawshank and Green Mile (in my opinion) are the best print-to-screen adaptations of Stephen King's stories. They are originally shorter than many of his epic novels and there is enough time to develop these characters onto film.

The longer books are so in depth and so rich with history and motivation and thoughts on the part of the characters, that there just isn't time to put all of the things we love about them onto the screen. Most of his books would be at least 10 hours or more on film if we included everything!

message 7: by Juan (new)

Juan In the book you know how Andy is not allowed to prove his innocence what do you guys think kept him going? I know most of you might say freedom but more in dept like revenge possibly how they treated him etc.

message 8: by Jim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jim Swike I think his drive to be free, creating and executing his escape kept him going.

Dimitrios Chytiris For me, what I think was driving him was the fact that he was innocent and that was something no one could take away from him. Most of the inmates, if not all, were guilty so their conscious was in a way controling them. Some were sorry for what they have done, and some were fine with it, proud of it. In time their minds were consumed from being institutionalised, it wa slike they were becoming less and less human, turning into robots (not even being able to pee without permission). Andy was innocent and that thought kept his mind clear, made him focus on his goal and kept him safe and sober.

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