Shadow's Claim (Immortals After Dark, #12; The Dacians, #1) Shadow's Claim question

Kristoff Imprisoned ? (spoiler)
Marianna Marianna Dec 22, 2012 09:38PM
Shadow's Claim
I just finished Shadow's Claim and I loved it. I'm dying to find out what happened between Kristoff and Lothaire. Especially since Lothaire stated he would only kidnap Kristoff if he didn't answer him correctly. I'm presuming that Kristoff is now in the dungeon.

The Warlord Wants Forever is a novella, but soo good! I got it on my nook. Worth the effort to track down...

No Kristoff is still free. I'd recommend you read the books in the Immortals After Dark series, especially the ones featuring the Forbearer vampires who Kristoff leads. Notably the Wroth brothers who each have their own books in the series: Nicolai, Murdoch, Sebastian, and Conrad.

I don't recall any specific encounters between Kristoff and Lothaire but (view spoiler)

Andrea Jackson Yeah, I just bought my own copy of Lothaire (no need to rely on the library) so I plan to reread it soon. It's so good! ...more
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Kristoff's book isn't out yet, but yes Lothaire imprisons him.

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is there a book about Kristoff? if there is can I have the title please? There is only one book I can't find is "the warlord wants forever"....grumble..grumble..

deleted user Furie sounds good
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