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Gabrielle (gabshi) (RP)

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Gabrielle (gabshi) The enormous concert hall was beautiful. The golden hallway leading to the concert room was lined with a satin red carpet. Amber lights and wooden photographs framed the walls.
The concert room was by far the most beautiful part of the entire place, however. A large room was carpeted with gold silk and wallpapered with gorgeous golden scroll. In the centre of the room a glorious chandelier hung gloriously from the ceiling by a delicate chain. The glass lights sparkled light across the otherwise dim seated room.
Today a singer was performing in the hall in an hour. The. The chandelier would be manually dimmed, the seats would be filled, and the glorious hall would be appreciated by a hundred people.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) Alice handed her ticket to a mustached man at the ticket counter, who told her with a British accent to turn "twice right."
She followed his direction to the gorgeous concert hall. She settled into a plush chair near the centre of the hall and waited for the show to start.
Hushed voices and the rustlings of clothing were heard as Alice waited. Finally the lights dimmed. The stage was lighted. The singer, a slim woman with excellent features, took stage. She dedicated her convert performance to her only son before amazing the crowd with her beautiful voice and wonderful song writing abilities. Alice thoroughly enjoyed the show.

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brennabee (brennafrawley) | 145 comments Mod
Emma buys her ticket and sits down next to to strangers, but as she turns her head she sees Alice next to her."Alice! This show is so good." Emma ate a Swedish fish from her bag"want one?" Emma wanted to make Alice feel better about what happened earlier.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "Definitely!!" Says Alice. "Thanks!" She loves Swedish fish.

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