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Do you like arrogance in a guy? Would you date a guy like Jace?

No. I wouldn't date a guy as arrogant as Jace. I am a big YA paranormal reader, I'm 17 years old after all, and this new trend of arrogant love interests is a bit wierd. Why would someone want to go out with a guy who makes you insecure and is oblivious to your feelings? Is that really the only sort of love people can aspire to today, suppose-to-be witty banter and being too afraid to talk about one's emotions. I think these characters are suppose to be based off of Heathcliffe but Charlotte Bronte never intended for him to be the model for a romantic lead.

Nicole D. Heathcliff is form Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte.Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre
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Yes but just because he is so damn funny!

I've dated an arrogant guy or two, as long as they actually have a proper sense of self and the arrogance is just an act it's no big deal. I wouldn't, however, date someone as damaged as Jace. He needs to pull himself together before he can be with someone properly, I don't need to babysit my boyfriend.

I think if I met him first up and he was arrogant, I wouldn't be too happy with that. But if after a while I got to know him, (which, BTW I would really like to do :P), and I found it was just part of his personality, yeah, I could get around it. It would only be if he was constantly rude and derogatory towards me I would be majorly put off.

Well, I'm just as arrogant as Jace and if he met me, I would probably make him eat his words... So yeah, I guess it would be fun to date a guy like Jace :P And I think arrogance is good... if you're that kind of person.

I would date someone like Jace immidiately seriously.

Definitely not. He's fun to read about, but I would never date such a jackass. Because, let's face it, he IS a jackass. Period.

And I don't understand his "sexy" concept. Okay, so he's blond with light brown eyes and freaky scars. Big whoop.

Not really. I would probably slap him Like Clary did when he put her life on the line. I don't look for arrogance in a guy.

I've dated too many guys that are arrogant--it has obviously never ended well. Jace isn't just arrogant though, he also seems to be a bit "broken" and even lost. He's not just a bad boy out of selfishness, which I think most arrogant guys are.

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It depends. If he were sarcastic and witty, like I feel Jace to be, and if I got to know him and that wasn't ALL he was, then yes. But I cannot stand guys who think they're the best at everything and constantly tell me about how great they are and aren't just joking. That makes me feel extremely insignificant and a major turn off. I've been in that situation before, and would prefer not to go back to it. I definitely love intelligence, but, humility is much more admirable in my eyes.

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Not talking about boys specifically, but I find "genius" arrogance admirable. I like the intellectual type with a sense of humor. However, Jace's "popular boy" type arrogance just pissed me off...I majorly loathed his character.

I don't think Jace is necessarily arrogant, he is just very sarcastic. He doesn't in a rude way put anyone down, well exept Simon.

I wouldnt date Jace, but i would date Will

I would most definitely date Jace!

I don't know maybe:/ I would probably like to get to know him first.

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All guys are born with a touch of arrogance in varying amount like good looks or height. It is naturally embedded in their genetic make-up as a coping mechanism to find their ways to the world to feed their family and make a living so and so. They have to give the certain aura that they are there to excel, succeed and it would also mean competing with others to get there. Arrogance comes in as their shield and at the same time as their protection from making other see their vulnerability, soft spots etc etc.

Jace is just consciously and unconsciously following his instinct. As a man trained by Shadowhunters since birth, trained by the notorious Valentine Morgenstern and his mixed-up family background, we really can’t blame him for behaving like a jerk or yeah, cocky. He feigns arrogance to give a signal to his enemies that he’s not the type of person who cries during the battle or in the midst of death. Simon even sees it as Jace’s battle cry.
He cares so much for Clary and that’s the only moment when there is no pretense or any thick wall. Jace may seem to be arrogant but well, I guess, in front of Clary…he’s a totally different person. Every girls want that. Guys who don’t seem super available to other girls but will give everything for the only girl he loves.

And…he’s hot.

: P

Definitly not resistable. Who wouldn't date Jace.

I'm pretty arrogant to so it wouldn't be a put off to be around him and I actually do date guys like that anyways so it wouldn't be a problem for me especially since there's a soft and sweet side under all the sarcasm and arrogance

Yes if it was jace.

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A humorous type of arrogance I'm okay with. As long as they have a sense of self-control. This is because I know I can match their arrogance with my own.

I suppose I wouldn't mind so much as long as he is a good person. The whole "bad boy" type doesn't really appeal to me. It's a nice thought, and maybe it's what a lot of girls go for, but personally I'd rather go for his ancestor, but then again that's only because Jace's ancestor liked to read.

RAWR, It's hot.

I do, but has never, ever turned out well. Bad, damaged boys are that way for a reason. We can never fix them girls. We just get damaged in the process.

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Just a bit... but I think we all liked him because we knew what he really thought, so in real life that person would appear rude to me.

I really don't like Jace, I would never date him, he's snobby and arrogant and goes off to brood all the time. But I'm not the same type of girl Clary is, so each to her own ^_^

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I don't know if I would date someone just like Jace, but there were parts of him that were attractive. I liked his confidence and sense of humor. Arrogance is okay if it isn't over the top. Although, Jace would be way to high maintenance for me. I don't want to deal with all his shit. :P

Yessssss!!!I LOVE Jace!

I would never date someone like Jace. I found his character astoundingly annoying, I seriously couldn't stand him and I generally dislike people like that in real life. I like wit in a guy, I think it's a valuable quality and Jace did have that, but his level of arrogance ruined him a bit for me.

If the guy's arrogance was used in a humorous way like Jace's and was as hot as Jace TOTALLY, but also like Jace he would have to be sensitive and bad ass like Jace (I can't date a really goody kinda guy :P

i agree! i think it takes a certain type of person to pull off arrogance. Jace in many cases can back up his arrogance, but i in real life would totally date a arrogant guy, if he treated me right, like Jace does for Clary

Jace isn't just an arrogant boy. He is so much more complex then just "A bad boy"

I know a guy who is arrogance, and he wasn't quite clever. that was the annoying this I guess.. he just loved himself too much. Though i did like jace's arrogance, he just didn't seemed dumb, like the guy I knew.

if it was JACE i would NOT care at all about the arrogance, cuz he'd also have a crazy handsome face, smoking hot body and that sexy and dangerous vibe and would be sooooo funny. I just dont think anyone except Jace can pull that bad-boy-arrogant-sexy-bad-ass look. As for real life, i would never date an arrogant guy.

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