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Waters of Grace: Christianity for the Nonreligious
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Free Christian memoir

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message 1: by Israel (last edited Dec 22, 2012 05:22PM) (new)

Israel Sanchez | 6 comments Hello! From December 26 to December 28, my book, Waters of Grace will be completely free for the Kindle on Amazon. I'll update this page on the given date, but just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Waters of Grace is more than a memoir, it is a reminder of God's grace to all of us, a reminder of what truly matters.
Waters of Grace Christianity for the Nonreligious by Israel Sanchez

Darrin Niday (nirrad) | 4 comments cool I'll get a copy and read it.

message 3: by Israel (new)

Israel Sanchez | 6 comments I would really appreciate that, Darrin. I'll post a follow up on the 26th, so that you get notified just in case. And if it's not too much to ask, I would appreciate a review on Amazon, if you feel incline to do so. Thanks again for being willing to read it.

message 4: by Israel (new)

Israel Sanchez | 6 comments It's free, today! Check it out. Thanks!


Darrin Niday (nirrad) | 4 comments Got it I'll start reading it today or tomorrow

message 6: by Israel (new)

Israel Sanchez | 6 comments Thank you!

Darrin Niday (nirrad) | 4 comments just finished it I really enjoyed the book, I did review it on Amazon, goodreads and librarything.com

message 8: by Israel (new)

Israel Sanchez | 6 comments Thank you so much! I really appreciate the review, especially in all those websites. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the book and my story.

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