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Laureen (goodreadscomliterateworld) | 82 comments Mod

Great books mentioned! As I travel to Finland once a month, these were also the ones most mentioned by my team there. I have one to add, The Manila Rope.

I myself have been wanting to read The Unknown Soldier for a few months. I just spent Finnish Independence Day in Finland and part of their tradition is to watch the movie version of The Unknown Soldier. As there were no subtitles, I didn't watch. The history of Finland especially the part covered by this book is very interesting and lends a lot to understanding the culture and why they sided with Germany and not the Allies.

The other books sound great , too! Can't wait to see what our read will be.

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Ricardo Ribeiro | 7 comments My friends. I asked advise to a very dear Finnish I know about this one. Based on her advise and the short reviews she offered me, I vote on "The Summer Book".

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Ricardo Ribeiro | 7 comments Thanks for pointing me the right direction. Actually I was puzzled by the absence of "votes" here, I thought it was a count based on comments. So, it's done. Voted.

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Laureen (goodreadscomliterateworld) | 82 comments Mod
I am on my way to Finland now! I really enjoy when I can read a book from that country in that country! Can't wait to see what the book is so I can go to Stockmanns (the Finnish equivalent of Herrods) and buy it. I'll try to remember to take some pictures and post here. So glad we have finally reached my "home away from home" .

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Ricardo Ribeiro | 7 comments I downloaded the sample of the book and once again I am presented with a sloppy translation to English. And I say once again because I found this recursively whenever I try to read a book originally from a different language. Being Portuguese, I grew up with translations of such a quality that one couldn't say it was in fact a translation. More recently, I suppose due to the cost cuts of publishers (which meant hiring amateurs to do the translations) that state of things changed and I one day I decided I had enough and I wouldn't read any more translations.

I read a classic, The Bridge Over the Drina River, and didn't like, most probably because of a bad translation. Then, I tried Iceland's Bell, dropping the book, again because of the translation. This time I am afraid I am not even trying. Come on, to me the pleasure of reading means I will enjoy absorbing a fluent well built text. It's not possible with translations at this level.

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