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Heroes of Olympus....BOOK 5?!

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Weiting I mean, I was reading in Wikipedia and all, when I was searching the summary of the Son of Neptune (call me geek, but I've read MoA but not SoN) when I saw that there was going to be a 5TH BOOK in the Heroes of Olympus series!
Like, I thought 'Oh, after Percy and Annabeth close the Doors of Death and Jason and company do their part, Percabeth gets out and happy ending (thought bad journeys), that'd all be in the HoH! But BOOK 5?
What would THAT be about?
Any help,ideas or thoughts about the possible BOOK 5?
(P.S. Any idea of WHAT title Book 5 could be?)

Halle Fall of Gaea sounds like a cool title for the fifth book.

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G Just Halle wrote: "Fall of Gaea sounds like a cool title for the fifth book."

That's a cool title name. But I heard that Rick Riordan wants to make it a five book series, like PJO was. But after reading MoA, I don't know what else could happen that you can't add into HoH. But I wouldn't mind a fifth book, but as long as it isn't stupid and boring. Then again, NONE of Riordan's books are boring.

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Evelyn Well there are 3/2 more major things the demigods have to do

1.go to Rome and close the doors of death

2.kill the giants for real this time

3.destroy Gaia before or after she wakes and before she destroys the world

so there is a lot to close up. I thought there'd be 3 more books in the series with amount of work that has to be done plus I'm a total Percy fan so u can understand why i forgot to count The Lost Hero for a little bit and thought all of u crazy for talking about the last book when only the 2nd had come out
well turns out Im the crazy one

Elena Also the war going on between the two camps at the current time... so he can stretch it out.

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