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Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 19 comments Shadow stood, leaning against a wall in an alleyway, and glared at anyone that passed or looked at him. He hated this world...then again he hated pretty much hated everything. Except for the one thing that helped him keep going, the memory of Maria Robotnik.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Eli walkied down the street, hands behind his head. He was smirking.

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Rinasa1234 | 380 comments Mod
Ash stepped through the trod and onto Main Street? " Main Street?! " Ugggg, I have to find a way out of here.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Eli looked over, seeing someone else, he ignored them and kept walking.

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Rinasa1234 | 380 comments Mod
Ash finds a trod and returns to the Nevernever.

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Alessia (siriostars) Iggy was wandering down main street.

((I'm so creative... XP))

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Eli was leaning against a building.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((JUST LIKE BE CAN COOK WITHOUT DYING!! XD))

Iggy turns around, and says simply,"Where the hell am I?"

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Alessia (siriostars) ((XD i might make a mini me too...))

Iggy nod. "I'm awesomely blind." he was still very confused.

Prussia walks down the street, earbuds pushed into his ears. He was listening to his national anthem that had somehow been turned into a digital version despite the age of the anthem. His only thought was: i'm so awesome that even my anthem is awesome.

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Rinasa1234 | 380 comments Mod
Kara wanders around Main Street. She sees a blind bird kid, an explosive bird kid, Prim, and is that a tree with a face?

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Alessia (siriostars) ((Prussia! <3))

"Is the girl hot, Gazzy?" Iggy whisper asks.

Prussia looks down at the girl, pulling out one earplug. "Cheese...? Mein Gott. Don't tell me your friends with Italy are you?"

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Alessia (siriostars) Sage wrote: "((we have such weird characters XP))"

((We do don't we XD))

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Alessia (siriostars) ((XP It's Iggy! He's slightly perverted! Remember when the guys spilt up with the girls and went to the beach... hahahaha *laughs nervously*))

"Not Sephora, dude! Nudge is like obsessed with Sephora." Iggy tells him.

Prussia raises an eyebrow. "The awesome Prussia does not know why you are so confused."

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Alessia (siriostars) ((XP it's okay.))

"She's with Max." Iggy nods as if convincing himself.

Prussia rolls his blood red eyes and blows a piece of his almost pure white hair out of them. "Why would I need to explain? I'm awesome. That's that. No questions asked."

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Alessia (siriostars) Iggy jumps and turns in the direction of the voice. "Hey!"

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Alessia (siriostars) "Exactly!" Prussia exclaims, pointing at Syke. "Though... I'm the most awesome person in this conversation."

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Alessia (siriostars) Iggy nods. "HOLY COW YES!" Iggy, always prepared for this stuff pulls out the necessary parts to blow up cheese from his pocket.

Prussia rolls his eyes. "No way. I'm more awesome." He looks over at Prim and points down the street at Italy who was hopelessly petting a cat. "He'll love some cheese."

Italy keeps petting the cat, a stupid dazed look on his face.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((Mine toooo! XD and they're also going to say: "We love it and all but it's a real downer. It's probably going to be banned in some stupid school library somewhere. Probably the one in Alabama that banned Anne Frank's Diary."))

Iggy grins excitedly. "GIVE ME THE CHEESE!"

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Alessia (siriostars) Prussia snorts. "I'm immortal too. That's not something new. And I'll have you know that I'm an awesome country that takes over places and gets to annoy Austria as much as I want!"

Italy looks up and nods, eyes still closed though somehow he could still see. "Ve~! Yes he is. His name is nekotalia." Italy pets the cat again.

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Alessia (siriostars) Sage wrote: "Alessia (Moss) ~Pasta~ wrote: "((Mine toooo! XD and they're also going to say: "We love it and all but it's a real downer. It's probably going to be banned in some stupid school library somewhere. ..."

"Yes we do, dude!"

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Alessia (siriostars) Kggelen wrote: "((I thought they were just named after countries. 0_o...))"

((It's a manga/book where they're the personifications of countries. It's really epic.))

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Alessia (siriostars) Sage wrote: "((BUT what if prussia's taken over and re-named? or what if THE WORLD ENDS THERE IS NO PRUSSIA))

Prim had no words. She kneeled down next to Nekotalia. "What does Nekotalia mean?" she asked.



Italy was silent for a moment. "I have no idea... I think it mean's Italy cat." Italy's smiles happily. "Ve~!"

((Isn't he kawaii?!))

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Alessia (siriostars) ((yep!))

message 24: by Alessia (new)

Alessia (siriostars) ((no... XD it means Mr. kim-kims... Unfortunetly...))

"Ve~!" Italy repeats.

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Alessia (siriostars) "Do you have any pasta?" Italy asks.

Prussia grins. "See. This person sees how awesome I am!" Prussia laughs, "Keskeskesha!"

Iggy blinks, coming back to reality. "Eh? No! Let me do it!" Iggy snatches it back.

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Alessia (siriostars) "Bread too?" Italy asks.

Prussia, fully and completly enjoying this, laughs again.

"But who knows! I might die soon! I need to enjoy blowing stuff up as much as I can!" He snatches it back.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((dying because its bad or good,))

Italy is horrorified, his eyes get teary. "I CANT MAKE PIZZA EITHER?!?"

"Not as big as that damn Austria's!" Prussia clenches his fists and glares at nothing in particular.

"You still need to learn!" Iggy grabs it again. " It's mine now."

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Alessia (siriostars) ((:D))

Italy starts crying. "I want food that doesn't suck like England's food! Even doitsu's food I wouldn't mind!"

"Even Hungary has a big ego! I hate them!"

Iggy grins and finishes making the bomb. " Ready?"

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Alessia (siriostars) Italy keeps crying. Nekotalia meows and purrs. He starts rolling around on the ground. "FOOD!"

Prussia nods. "She's... uh... How to put...Mein gott... She's so annoying! I still need to find something embarrassing about her in my awesome journal that I've been keeping since I was born!"

Iggy grins, activating the bomb. He steps away from it and runs to a spot where he should not get splattered by the cheese.

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Alessia (siriostars) Nekotalia purrs and starts rolling around too. "I NEED FOOD!" Italy's stomach growls loudly.

Prussia grins proudly. "You can see this year's journal!" Prussia whistles and Gilbird appears, carrying a brown leather book. Prussia opens the book and flips to a random page. The only thing written on the page was, "Today, I was awesome."
"Isn't it awesome?!?!" Gilbird tweets happily as if agreeing with Prussia.

Iggy stays down on the ground, feeling a bit self-conscious of showing his wings in public like Gazzy was. He shakes his head, getting rid of the stupid thought. "1-2-3!" The cheese explodes.

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Alessia (siriostars) Italy perks up, moe flowers appearing randomly. "THANK YOU!" He takes the bread covered in cheese and eats it happily.

Nekotalia walks around Italy.

Prussia eyes Sage. Gilbird lands on Sage's head.

Iggy laughs happily. "God that was fun! Look at their faces!"

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Alessia (siriostars) Italy once finished hugs Nekotalia and looks at Prim, eyes still closed. "Ve~ I should sing you a song!"

"That's gilbird! The most awesome bird ever!"

"Color dude. I can see the color of the cheese!" Iggy exclaims.

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Alessia (siriostars) "Draw a circle, that's the earth! Draw a circle, that's the earth! Draw a circle, that's the earth! I am hetalia! Ahhh, with a single brush stroke, a wonderful world can be seen! With our boots let's make a toast! Hetalia!" Italy sings, rocking back and forth as he does. Nekotalia meows.

Gilbird pecks Sage on the head angrily.

Iggy shrugs. "White is easier to see. Remember Antartica?"

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Alessia (siriostars) "My house is shaped like a boot!" Italy comments, not really answering the question.

Gilbird flies off and lands on Prussia, now magically wearing a hat.

"Oh god... Don't talk about dog drama... I've had enough of that..."

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Alessia (siriostars) "Yeah! My big brother romano has the part at the bottom... I have the top part! It's really big... But germany-sempai's house is even bigger!"

Prussia smiles. "Our hats are awesome!"

"The bane of a blind bird kid's existence!"

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Alessia (siriostars) "It's like a big circle with an extension on the top of it!"

"No! Only awesome people are worthy of these hats!"

"Oh god not cat drama! That's worse than dog drama!"

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Alessia (siriostars) "Circle are pretty! Pizzas are circular!"

"Not as awesome as Gilbird and I!"

" NO DONT REMEMBER!" Iggy yells.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((IGGY! <3
And :O reeeally! I'm so proud!))

"Pizza! Pasta! Fooooood!" Italy says happily. Then he looks at the new comer who almost stepped on Nekotalia. "AHHH DON'T HURT US!" He pulls out a white flag and starts waving it frantically.

Prussia nods, sticking his ear plug back into his ear.

"NO!" Iggy covers his ears and opens his wings. He jumps up and flys away from Gazzy. "NO! NO!"

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Alessia (siriostars) Alessia (Moss) ~Pasta~ wrote: "((IGGY! <3
And :O reeeally! I'm so proud!))

"Pizza! Pasta! Fooooood!" Italy says happily. Then he looks at the new comer who almost stepped on Nekotalia. "AHHH DON'T HURT US!" He pulls out a whit..."

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Alessia (siriostars) Italy was still waving his flag frantically. "I SURRENDER!!!!"
Nekotalia was meowing loudly.

Iggy yells, "SHUT UP DUDE!"

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Alessia (siriostars) Italy takes a deep breath and says, "Ve~ I almost asked Doitsu's scary brother to come help me..."

Nekotalia rolls onto his stomach.

"Cat drama is never a good story!"

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Alessia (siriostars) "He always hangs out with Big Brother France and Spain. Romano hangs out with them too.." Italy starts rocking back and forth.

Iggy flies up to Gazzy and shakes him. "Dude... DON'T TURN INTO YOUR SISTER! SHE SCARES ME!"

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Alessia (siriostars) "I don't know. France says Spain is a good example of a person who's hot."


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Rinasa1234 | 380 comments Mod
(( I'm completely lost ))

message 45: by Alessia (new)

Alessia (siriostars) ((XD))

Italy nods. "Ve~! Si!"

"Yeah..." Iggy nods. Then his face contorts in horror. "DON'T SPEAK OF THE CAT STORY!"

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Alessia (siriostars) "Big brother France is so nice! He teaches me about all this stuff!"

"NO! NO! NO!" Iggy yells angrily.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((I'm listening to My Crush Was A Monster Boy XD I love this song...
WHY DOES VOCALOID HAVE SUCH DEPRESSING SONGS?!?! Dark wood circus and prisoner(it's about the holocaust noooo *sobs*)))

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Alessia (siriostars) ((I know...))

"Romano says to stay away from him! So does Doitsu but he's really nice to me!" Italy smiles.

"No! It'll be worse coming from a dog!"

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Alessia (siriostars) "Ve~ He has good food too, though!"

"ARGH NO! She scares me! I told you that like 5 seconds ago! You're so mean!"

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Alessia (siriostars) "Aren't they yummy though? Japan doesn't agree but he does like pasta!"

Iggy groans. "Then you say it..."

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